f our apartment.

I stood a few meters from him, noticing his cheeks were already swollen to a nice degree.
It made him appear to be a puffed animal, accentuating his roughish face.

Ivan, come one.
Teach this little shit a lesson.

Hes feeling cocky already, just because youre going easy on him!

You little shit! Ivans gonna mess you up real good!

From Ivans conflicted expression when hearing those words, I could tell that he was already taking this fight seriously.
His pride was on the line, after all.

Suddenly, I began hearing hurried footsteps and whispers coming from all across the apartment.
From the sound of things, many people were on their way here.

A broad grin nearly formed on my face, but I restricted myself.
I wasnt going to reveal anything.

It didnt take long for Ivan, and the rest of his crew to notice that everyone in their rooms had made their way to the stairs to see what was going on in the lounge.

Whats this?!

Ivan is fighting with someone?!

H-hold on, isnt that Jared Leonard?!

Hushed sounds and muffled comments permeated the room as a cluster of crowds watched from the stairs and tried to get a view of what was going on.

Since I was directly backing the stairs, none of them could really see my face, just my view from behind.
As for Ivan, he had a swollen face and had already covered his body with mana.

Things werent looking good for him.

Oi, oi, is Ivan actually going so far against Jared?

Hes even using mana! Isnt that against the rules of this place?

What? No! Didnt you check the regulations? Theres no mention of fights.

That means well actually get to see something interesting.

Who do you think will win?

Ivan, of course! The guy is a beast!

Didnt you see Jareds performance in the second test though?

Pfft, please.
That must have been cheating.
Hes only a white Core! Ivan is close to the peak of Yellow Core.

They kept talking and arguing among themselves, unconsciously increasing the tempo of their voices.

Look what youve caused, Ivan.
All I wanted was my lunch.
I sighed, giving him a tired expression.

He growled at me, giving a more menacing look.
The boy was well aware that he was to blame for all of this, but he had come too far to turn back now.

You Ill teach you a lesson.
You shouldnt have defied me.

Raising his hand, he loosened his fist.
I was surprised since I expected more pointless swings and jabs from the moron.

He chanted.

Instantly, flames began appearing in his hand.
The bright amber light sparked and burst forth, birthing a dancing ball of flames on his hand, as large as a persons head.

Everyone gasped in surprise.
Even I had to take a step back in surprise.

Hes going to use magic? Really?!

Hehehe His voice took a deep, darker undertone.

The expression he gave showed a hint of danger and I could tell he had reached a point where he saw me as simply an enemy that needed to be eliminated.

Youve brought this upon yourself, Jared


The flames flickered and seemed to grow bigger in size as he began advancing toward me.

Now burn!

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