SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 66: How It Ended (Pt 2)

”What do you think you ’re doing? ”

My eyes narrowed, watching the fool manifest his mana.

”That ’s what I ’d like to ask you. ” He said, now straining a smile.

”You ’d really tattle on one of your roomies and cause them to suffer such a punishment just for lunch? ”

His question sounded so stupid, like a sorry excuse for justification. I sighed and shook my head. I didn ’t have the time or energy for this.

”It ’s none of your business, is it? Since you ’re not the culprits. Besides, didn ’t you guys day you didn ’t care? ”

I made to turn away, but Ivan raised his hand and pointed it at me, glaring at me in a threatening manner.

”Oi. I ’m trying to be polite here. It ’s not nice to tattle on our fellow coursemates. ”

’Fellow Coursemates, eh? That ’s quite a funny way to describe a bunch of people who totally alienated me. ’

I would have loved to ignore Ivan and just return to my room, but the boy drew closer to me, donning a threatening look. It appeared he wasn ’t going to let me return in peace as long as I intended to take the issue to the authorities.

”You should just let this one go… don ’t you think so? ” He smiled menacingly.

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At this point, I had no idea if this was still the effects of my Mana Pressure, or if Ivan was just plain dumb. Why would he decide to choose this method?!

’Well, if he was smart, he wouldn ’t have chosen to take my lunch, to begin with. ’ I rightly reasoned.

When dealing with such a person, maturity had to be suspended. I had to handle him as I would a child and rightly discipline him myself.

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