culprits were them.

Ah, I see.
Its alright then I said, taking a few steps back as I made my way back to the stairs that led to my room.

A look of relief appeared on everyones face when I made my exit, causing me to smile within myself.

As soon as I got to the foot of the stairs, I turned back to the group who kept watching me, as though impatiently hoping I vanished.

I suppose Ill have to raise this matter to our supervisor I muttered, making my voice loud enough for the boys to hear me.

Their eyes bulged the moment I said this, giving surprised stares.
They glanced anxiously at each others now turning to Ivan to deal with the matter.

I didnt bother waiting.
Pushing my tired body along the stairs, I began climbing.

Hey, why go that far? Its just lunch! The superiors shouldnt be bothered about something that trivial.
Ivan retorted, obviously referring to me.

You slipped up, Ivan! My mind rang in satisfaction as I once again turned to look back at him.

The same person who pretended not to care now sprang up and spoke the moment I mentioned a supervisor.
That was an unwise move.

I suppose the aftereffects of experiencing a Mana Pressure is making them anxious

What do you mean? Havent you read the rules of this apartment? Didnt you pay attention during our orientation? Stealing within this Academy warrants severe punishment.

It didnt matter if it was a piece of paper, lunch, or a magic book.
No matter the property taken, what was important was the act itself.
In essence, whoever took my lunch was liable for that offense and would be punished accordingly.

I dont remember giving anyone permission to take my lunch, and the Academy isnt sloppy enough to give us food with one person short.
That means someone took my food.
I continued.

The boys looked more uneasy while sweating profusely.
It was as though they were confessing their guilt by conduct alone.

Its a shame you guys didnt see the culprit.
Im certain our supervisor should be able to find the perpetrator.
We wouldnt want anyone else to fall victim, now would we? I smiled weakly.

I had said enough.
There was no need to directly interfere with these guys.
With the staff of the Academy watching, there was no telling if an act of violence would be to my demerit.
On the plus side, since the supervisors could monitor us, it meant they had also seen the incident take place.

I dont need to bother lifting a finger the authorities will deal with this.
That will be their punishment! I sighed, still feeling the tight twist in my stomach.

I felt so hungry so tired! Once I got to my room, I was most likely going to lie down and wait for dinner.

Hold on! Ivans voice abruptly cut into my thoughts, but I ignored him.

He was just going to keep rambling, after all.

I SAID, STOP! He shouted, now in a tone of aggression.

I still didnt have any intention to listen to him, however something I felt caused me to change my mind.

Halting instantly, I took a look behind me and saw Ivan clad in his mana.
He glared at me aggressively, having a determined glow in his eyes.
I felt an unpleasant foreboding as the very thing I tried avoiding was practically begging for my response.

With a deep sigh, I fully turned in Ivan and his crews direction, asking the leader a simple question;

What do you think youre doing?

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