[A Day Ago]

The residence of the boys teemed with life as usual.

The barely teenage young lads talked with one another, exchanging stories and experiences excitedly. Whether it was about the fact that their Orientation would soon end, or what they had learned in the past couple of days, there was always something to serve as a subject of discourse.

Of course, not everyone was engaged in conversation. Two especially were left out of the talks. One chose not to even bother interacting with the rest of the boys. Perhaps as a feeling of superiority, he intentionally isolated himself from others, preferring to read the books he had borrowed from the library.

As for the other, he was simply left out of the conversations. No one bothered involving him, neither did they acknowledge his existence. This boy also passed his time by either reading the books he got from the Library or the one his tutor had given him as a gift.

Yep! The boy was me.

It had been a short couple of days since we arrived, and I had not made a single friend. Everyone ignored me. I caught the gazes of some who seemed like they were interested in talking to me, but they never made any effort to try.

In such a place where collectivity was the best course of action, no one wanted to defy the norm and break the unspoken rule of my ostracization. The fear that they would be abandoned by others and also he cast out coursed through everyone and they all pretended I didn ’t exist.

”Well… I don ’t really mind… ” I mumbled.

Ainzlark gave us a lot of free time and only took up a few hours per day for our orientation. It felt strange to me since I was certain that we didn ’t need a week to complete this course.

’There ’s most likely another objective to this phase… ’ I reasoned.

I doubted it was the same as the other tests we had, but at the same time, wondered what the higher-ups were up to.

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After exploring every nook and cranny of the apartment, apart from the rooms of everyone else, of course, I found well-hidden magic tools all around.

Of course, I took great caution not to get caught snooping, even in my room. Acting natural, I diligently uncovered the positions of these objects while others were having the time of their lives.

’I knew it! They ’re watching us! ’

Well, there was nothing I could do even if they were, so I decided to keep to myself and avoid trouble. Unfortunately, trouble came looking for me.

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