The surrounding darkness suddenly expanded into an infinite void.
It seemed to stretch on for eternity, and the space around seemed endless.

Stars and glimmering sparks of light appeared above the heads of both the Blade God and the awestruck Ciara, illuminating the area.
Everything simply looked beautiful.

“Do not look so amazed.
Your ability to conjure up anything you desire… surely, you do not believe it to be inferior.” The Martial Blade God spoke.

His gaze remained on Ciara, yet she felt no burden or pressure.

She felt a still, unimposing pressure.

It was just like when he had first appeared.
Nothing about him screamed extraordinary power, but her instincts told her to flee.
The only difference now was that she didn’t feel like running.
She wished to stay.

“Can you teach me? Teach me how to harness this power like you?” Ciara could only interpret her request as madness.

What in the world was she saying to a man who wouldn’t hesitate to strike her and her comrades down? He was dangerous! He belonged to the Nether Cult!

She knew all of that, and yet…!

‘I can’t bring myself to hate him!’

“I am teaching you.
Now draw out your power, show me everything you have.
At the end of your life here… you would have gotten much stronger.”

Ciara had definitely heard that her life was going to end.
She had just heard that he would kill her.
Yet why… why was she brimming with such excitement and determination? She couldn’t comprehend it.

Who could hate air?

“Fine then… I’ll conjure up my greatest Projection.
I’ll pour all my power into it… I’ll show you, my best!”

Ciara was determined.
She hadn’t pushed herself this far before, but she knew there was only one thing that could qualify as her most powerful projection.
It was the most glorious, most precious thing she could create.

‘I’ll make it a zillion times stronger!’

Ciara poured out all the Aether she could muster, and she strained her mind to the limits.
She could feel herself going insane, but she put her heart, soul, spirit—everything—into this one construct.
Throughout the ordeal, there was a single image that flashed in her mind.

And, the image guided her through the process.

‘Almost… there!’

The golden light originating from her projection lit the vast space with its splendour.
Its brilliance was indescribable.

Far greater than the glorious sun.
More solemn than the moon.
Way prettier than the stars.

This was the pinnacle of Ciara’s Magic—her very philosophy.

It could all be summed up in one word; one person!


That’s right! The culmination of all her power had formed a single entity—a being that transcended anything else Ciara could ever dream up.
It was Jerry Keller, the boy she loved with her whole heart.

He had his same dark auburn hair, and his charming eyes remained constant.
His handsome face was sculpted with excellence, and he currently donned a golden regalia as well as a golden crown that made him look majestic.

Jerry was KING!

“I won’t let you hurt Ciara.” He spoke in his chivalrous tone, causing her to squeal with pleasure.

The Martial Blade God stood, his face depicting a degree of surprise for a moment before reverting back to his calm demeanour.

“I see.
If this is your choice, then it makes sense.”

As someone who knew her obsession with the kid, the Martial Blade God understood why this would be her most powerful projection.
The power it emitted was also no joke.

‘It’s the strongest I’ve seen in years… well, besides those four.’

The Cult Leader, the Maiden, Kido, Karlia.
These four were stronger than the being in front of him, but it was superior to all else.

“That’s interesting…” He unsheathed his blade.

“I thought I wasn’t worthy of your blade.” Ciara grinned, smiling proudly at her perfect projection of Jerry.

“You are now.”

Thus, the clash commenced.

The unstoppable force of nature versus the epitome of a teenage girl’s obsession… which would prevail?

The projected Jerry charged at the Martial Blade God, shrouding himself with enough energy to cause the vast space to quake in response.
Jerry’s powers rose and climbed with such an unfettered tempo that the Martial Blade God felt a little bit of excitement as he swung his blade.

He had to use a fitting attack for such a fitting opponent.



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