One week of ’Orientation ’ was given by Ainzlark Academy to make the new students properly integrated into the school system. After this one week was over, the new entrants would be indoctrinated into the school system and the academic system would commence in full force.

Of course, there were other reasons the orientation took one week… and that had to do with the new students.

Having instructors assigned to them for each day, they would engage in various activities such as exploring the school grounds, learning basic school rules, visiting facilities, etc.

In all honestly, the items on the schedules were quite a lot, but not too much to handle. If the Academy wanted to, they could have squeezed everything into a day. However, the reason for spreading it out was to leave more time for the students to have personal time for both themselves and one another.

Bonding, interaction, competition… these would go on to affect the lives of the students even after they had become fully integrated into Ainzlark.

And so, with no housemaster governing the large house, the students within were given free rein within. Whatever they did during their spare time was up to them, after all… there were no rules against it!

And so the days passed… finally bringing an end to the one week of orientation.

The scenery shifted from the building where the students stayed to a massive office situated at the tallest building in the entire Academy. It belonged to none other than the Academic Supervisor of the new batch of students, Damien Lawcroft.

He sat comfortably in his chair as he rummaged through some documents. However, those were just his hands at work. In reality, all his attention was on a single man who stood in front of him.

”Yes… Klaus… the orientation time frame ends today, right? ” He asked the tall, lanky man who gave his usual wide smile.

Klaus nodded in affirmation.

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