“I will need you to prepare some things before then, King Albion.
Please be ready to cooperate with the Allied Nations, and I also plan on resolving certain things on my end.”

His Majesty responded with a nod, a bright smile still spread out on his face.

Many would consider it weird that a child my age was referring to maters like this in such a respect, and that even the King acknowledged me.

However, after displaying both my power and intelligence in the last round, only fools would utilize a bias like age, in this situation.

“As for the members of our team that will be assisting the other nations; Anabelle Frederick, and Beruel—our newest member—will be working with the Fairy Race.
They will be involved in the final stages of a project that will be very instrumental to our cause.” I added.

The revival of the Beast folks was going steadily, but even if they were to be revived at this point, their battle efficiency wouldn’t be astronomically relevant to the battle to come.

‘The enemy has Nether, after all.’

That meant we needed something that could fight against their overwhelming force.
Fortunately, I had just the right idea.

‘With Ana and Beruel—both of whom are geniuses—by Jane’s side, they should be able to pull if off.’

My only worry was how to convince my dear Fairy friend to accept Beruel back into the Fairy Sanctuary.

I also needed to inform the Fredericks of their daughter’s journey into the Fairy Kingdom—since I had informed them when Ana joined my team.

‘I really had my work cut out for me, didn’t I?’

Afterwards, I told King Albion about the other members of the team and where they would be stationed.

He didn’t ask for my reasons anymore, and simply believed I had genuine and strategic purposes behind my choices—which I did.

Ultimately, I was able to lay out the plan for our assault against the Nether Cult.

All that was left…

“So, your Majesty, what do you think?”

… Was his approval.




“So, what now?” Maria asked me as we stepped out of the throne room.

We had gotten our approval from the king—as I had expected—and now, it was time to move on to the next phase.

“We’ll have to inform the team.
That means I’ll have to explain everything from scratch.” I knew I sounded whiny, but what could I say?

I was deflated.

‘The team isn’t exactly what it used to be…’ My thoughts trailed as I stared at Maria.

Fortunately, I had her by my side.
If nothing else, she was an emotional support that I could use right now.

“Can I ask you something?”

I gulped instantly, nodding as soon as the words registered in my head.

“Why did you station me at the Eastern Kingdom?”

“O-oh… that…” I sighed in relief.

“What did you think I was going to ask?”


Is it about your public confession? We’ll get to that part soon, don’t worry.” As soon as she said that, my heart nearly leaped out of my chest.

So, she did remember, after all!

“So, why am I being assigned to the Kingdom? Is it to protect me, or…?”

“Not at all.” I swiftly interrupted her.

Just like her parents, it seemed Maria was mistaken about the safety of her role in the grand scheme of things.

“Your job is very dangerous.
The Eastern Kingdom is probably the most dangerous location to be assigned to—apart from the Fairy Sanctuary and the Cult Headquarters.” I said, staring into Maria’s eyes.

Unlike the other nations, our Kingdom had less security and also fewer individuals who possessed adequate power.


“I’ll create a barrier around all the Nations, and I’ll also charge up the devices of destruction each one has—at least to serve as a means of countering any large-scale explosion from the enemy.”

Unfortunately, I had to assume Legris would be aware of this much.
If I were to think it through, the enemy would most likely resort to an all-out melee attack.

‘If they have an army, it’s going to be an overwhelming one.’

“The Elf Kingdom has the environment to their advantage.
The Dwarves are extremely tactful and resourceful.
Their technology and impervious fortress gives them a decent advantage.
The Fairy Sanctuary… well that speaks for itself.
The problem is the Eastern Kingdom.”

In terms of security and defences, we were dead last on the scale.
It was due to that mere fact that I decided to employ more Automatons here than in the other nations for defence.

But that also meant I had to choose the most capable members we could spare to protect this area.

“That’s why you and Elrich were chosen.
You two are the most powerful duo among the others that I’m sparing.”

‘Well, Beruel and Ana would make for a stronger team—considering their skill set and Beruel’s power, in general, but their expertise is needed with the Fairies.’

In any case, I decided to place Maria here because I trusted her and believed in her strength.

“You have [The Pope] Arcana, and Elrich has [The Tower].
They’re both useful for defence and evasion.
You have to use them well to protect everyone.”

Unfortunately, she wasn’t very skilled in the use of her Arcana yet—the same also applied to the Royal Court Mage.

‘That’s why this one week is instrumental.
Even Elrich is going to be training with us.
We need to get stronger… and fast!’

“I-I see.
I got the wrong idea.
Thanks for clarifying.” Maria gave me a sweet smile, something that caused my cheeks to turn hot for some reason.

“Haha… is that so?”

I quickened my pace, still laughing awkwardly as I walked ahead.

“Where are you going? I hope you haven’t forgotten the other thing we need to discuss.”

My body froze instantly.
There really was no escaping it, huh?



I heard two distinct voices call our names a distance from where we stood.

I turned in the direction of the voices, and found out that it had originated from a small group coming out of the throne room.

My smile twitched a little when I saw my father walking alongside Maria’s parents.
I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me the cause.

“Jared, where do you think you’re going? You think you can drop a bomb on us like that and just leave?” My father approached me, placing both hands on my shoulders the moment he drew closer.

I could feel the pressure already building up, causing me to gulp.

‘Ah… oh, well.
Might as well just get this over with.’

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