ing my face slightly.

“Hey, talk to me.
What’s the matter?” She nudged me—both with her words, and with her shoulder against mine.

“Haha… well…”

What could I really say? How was I supposed to begin? I was the leader.
The one with the plan, as well as the certainty, that would guarantee our victory.

Yet… why was I suddenly so unsure about everything? This moment of weakness felt so crippling that I didn’t want to reveal it to anyone else—especially not to Maria.


“I’m scared, Maria.”

—I didn’t even know when I started to speak.

“Scared about what?” Her melodious voice rang in my ears, causing me to divulge even more.

“This mission.
Everything that has been happening.
I have a bad feeling.”

Silence took reign for a moment.
Maria was probably speechless by my words, but I had to give it more context.

“The Nether Cult has existed for so long, Maria.
Its members are not only powerful, but they’re also experienced.
They have brilliant people like Legris on their team, and their First Seat can devastate an entire nation with one strike.
I’m not saying those things in themselves are scary, but…”

How could I explain this in words? How could I really translate my suspicion into speech? It eluded me greatly.

“They’re currently weakened, I understand that well.
We also have the advantage and everything seems ideal..
However, why do I feel so hesitant now? My true identity being revealed has caused a major crack in the team, but I fear that many more might appear.
I… I just…”

Maria’s hand touched my shoulder, causing a wave of warm sensation to course through my body.

‘Her hand is cold.’ My mind thought.

“Should we postpone the mission?”

That’s the worst part, I can’t do that.
The longer we take, the worse it’ll be.
It’s best we act fast.
The moment the team gets the hang of the Arcanas, and we’ve attained the desirable level of power for this mission, we have to strike fast.”

If we were to take our time, the chances of being struck unprepared was very high.

“And that’s what scares me.
It’s the fact that we have no other choice but to attack now, yet I’m nervous about it.
It’s like we’re stuck in a situation where this is our only chance.”

I felt like I was being played once again.
If anything, this could be one of Legris’ plans.

‘If I choose to use this perfect opportunity, it could be a trap.
However, if I refuse, they’ll cause more damage.’

Either way… I felt like a predetermined outcome existed.

“If the First Seat alone should strike… he can wreak havoc on an entire nation in seconds.
The Soul Project: Omega, can only handle so much.
I can’t possibly withstand the deaths of many people possessing my Soul Brand, and we lack enough facilities and time to revive them—not to talk of energy.”

I could see risk after risk.

The best means was to spearhead a team to go all-out on the enemy and cause whatever damage we could on their territory.

“And we only have one shot.”

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