“Tell me what’s going on with you, Neron… and I want the truth.”

After Neron had calmed down, had a shower, and used Magic to clean up his sweat-drenched portion of the bed, he was now in a seated position.

Serah was seated on her side of the bad as well.

They were both facing each other, and while Serah’s expression still connoted worry, Neron’s calm expression showed that he was brooding.

“Your eyes were wide open and they were glowing.
I felt your Mana being disturbed, and I could even touch you.
You seemed to be in such distress.
What’s going on, Neron?”

The black-haired man understood the worry of his partner.
He would probably have felt the same if their positions were reversed.

It was indeed very troubling—all the signs he showed—but after thinking about them for some time, Neron was slowly coming to a realization.

And he knew he could no longer hide it away from Serah.


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