Neron’s eyes looked open, even though they were closed.

It was late at night, and everyone was fast asleep—himself included.
However, why were his eyes glowing green despite him being deeply asleep?

Why was he sweating buckets on his bed?

“Gh… ngh!” He grunted and groaned, twisting and turning on his bed.

There could only be one reason at this point… and it has to do with the dream he was having.

Or perhaps one could call it a nightmare…




“Y-you killed all those people! They did nothing to deserve that!”

Neron was having a lucid dream.

He was aware of everything happening around him, and that nothing was real.
Yet… he was watching these events play out like they were actualy happening in reality.

He could see everything from the perfect angle, as he watched an exchange between two people.
They were arguing.

The landscape was grey and dark, and everything looked blurry.
Neron took in this scene with keen observation and a bit of confusion.

After all, this wasn’t the first time he was having nightmares like these.

But why was this a nightmare?

‘Serah…’ His thoughts trailed as he watched the exchange.

A dark-haired man who resembled Neron was on one end, and a crimson-haired lady resembling Serah was on another end… and she was incredibly pissed.

“Everyone! You massacred an entire group people, Neron!” Her voice peaked.

Neron could feel his heart racing as he witnessed this exchange.

He tried to speak out, or at least reach out to Serah, but he was stuck as a spectator.
Something just wouldn’t let him budge.

“You wouldn’t understand.” The version of him in the dream retorted calmly, staring coldly at the agitated redhead.

“They were a threat.
Besides, we tried to do this peacefully, but they didn’t cooperate.”

Serah, or rather the lady in the dream, appeared even more disgusted.
Her surprise and appalled expression were heartbreaking to see.

“Besides, they killed Legris.
That’s more than enough.” Once the cold and distant Neron said this, Serah’s face could be seen scrunching up in shock, and then… sadness followed.

“Don’t use your best friend’s name as justification for such an act.
Is this really what Legris would want? Besides, they were just defending their nation.
Why would—”

“Like I said… you wouldn’t understand!” Neron raised his voice, now looking even angrier and scarier than the annoyed woman.

His pitch black irises, as well as his tightly furrowed brows made it obvious that he was done with the conversation.

However, as it would happen, the crimson-haired lady was now shaking her head, stepping away from Neron.

She appeared horrified of what Neron was saying… what he was becoming.
It seemed like she didn’t even recognize him any longer.

In response, Neron sighed.
His expression turned gentle, and his face softened.
He slowly began to walk towards Serah, and after a few gentle steps, he was right in front of her.

“Don’t get so worked up.
Once I obtain all the Arcanas, we can resurrect Legris… and even those other guys.” He smiled, attempting to place his hand on her shoulder.


“Stay back!”


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