~5th Place~

Name: Jared Leonard

Age: 12 Years

1st Test Score: 100

2nd Test Score: 100

3rd Test Score: 1

Total Score: 201

Mana Core Grade

Mana Core Grade Concentration: 100%

[You Have Been Accepted As A Student Of Ainzlark Academy]


My jaws nearly dropped and my eyes nearly popped from their sockets the moment I laid eyes on my result. Slowly, my memory returned as I remembered skimming through the 5th position, already assuming it wouldn ’t belong to me.

’Why did I not even notice…? ’ I thought to myself.

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Perhaps I had been so used to my name that I had unintentionally passed it. Maybe I didn ’t think I would get that high in the first place. My confidence had been stunted by what was going on around me, so I had lost composure for a moment.

The reason I skipped it didn ’t matter anymore… what was important was that I passed!

A grin formed on my face as I looked in Legris Damien ’s direction. He gave a short smile and nodded slightly. I was relieved and happy he had told me. Though no rule prevented him from telling me directly, no one would go out of their way for a mere entrant, especially one with a core like mine.

’So, you ’re still looking forward to our next time, uh? Very well… I won ’t disappoint you! ’ My lips curled up in a wide smile, happy to the point of tears.

I had finally passed one of the hurdles I could never attain in my past life… officially studying magic, not as a scholar, but as a Magic-User.

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