As the Heir of the Midas Empire, and the only living heritage of their past civilization, Kuzon possessed the greatest treasures that served as heirlooms of their fallen nation.

Of course, Kido had managed to get away with most of the Empire’s spoils, but the young Midas still possessed their greatest treasures.

The Ring Of Power—which had the function of storing and absorbing a constant stream of energy that could be released or assimilated at any point in time.

The Bracelet Of Transfiguration—which granted upon the user a transcendent state that gave one infinite durability, but at a steep cost of golden petrification.

The Necklace Of Knowledge— which possessed the knowledge and information of the Midas Race.
The glory of their civilization, as well as the crux of their research.


The Emperor—The Arcana that controlled anything within the holder’s vicinity as long as dominance could be proved.

[The Empress] would have been a part of the collection, but Kido took it before they could be properly passed down to him.

However, even with the theft and destruction, Kuzon was left in possession of these great gifts—the last source of connection he had with his people.

“And they are the reason I’ll win.”




[Moments Earlier]

~Okay, Kuzon.
Tell me your plan.~

Even though his Familiar had agreed to help him, she still wanted the full details.

‘Can’t you see the future or something?’ Kuzon asked her with a raised eyebrow.

He was fortunate that he had Xenia on his side, but the young boy didn’t quite appreciate how much of a fuss she always made during critical moments.

~Of course, I can.
But that’s only a somewhat defined stream.
It happens like a vision.
Like shots of a scene.
I don’t know everything, you know?~

‘Is that so?’ Kuzon nearly rolled his eyes.

There really wasn’t any time for stories.

So spill! Besides, telling it to me will prove just how effective you think it’ll be.~

‘Haa… fine.’

Arguing would only prolong the matter.
Even after making such an emotional pitch to her, Xenia still wanted to know everything.

‘You Phoenixes are too fickle…’

~We are the rarest, most powerful Familiars in existence, so…~

The boy rolled his eyes this time.


The fact that they were speaking to each other by resonating their Souls showed there was no chance of their information being leaked.

Besides, the protective layer around them prevented any form of interference—at least that was what Xenia had promised.

‘I plan on taking control of Kido’s world and destroying him in the process.’


‘He’s omnipotent and omnipresent here.
That means he’s somehow fused with this place.
That’s how he can appear anywhere and can do anything.
If I take control of this place and usurp control from him, I’ll be able to get him in no time.’

Besides, even if Kido isolated himself from the Realm Of The King, Kuzon would use the eyes Xenia gave him to detect his position and finish him off.

~I meant how will you take control of his world? [The Empress] is the natural enemy of your Arcana.~

Kuzon’s smile broadened.

‘I plan on overpowering it.
[The Empress] has its limits.
Kido can’t constantly use it for a full day.
An hour interval is required for its cooldown.
Imagine what would happen if it was protecting something on the scale of a world?’

~Is that your plan? I don’t think it’s wise to count on that.
Besides, Kido could find out and simply resort to something else once you’re becoming a nuisance.~

‘No, he won’t.
He won’t be able to kick me out with my Transfigured state.
That’s the point.
He can’t interfere with me.
Besides, I don’t simply plan on waiting for his time to run out.
I don’t even think I can last that long.’ Kuzon sighed, but his confident smile remained.

Xenia was satisfied that her host understood his limitations—enough to make her pause in expectation of the alternative he had in mind.

‘I’ll use the Midas Ring of Power to amplify [The Emperor] itself.’

~The Ring? Do you mean you’ll be using two Midas Treasures at the same time?~

‘The Transfiguration effect will nullify the side effects of the Ring Of Power.’

~Yeah? Well, it’ll only make your petrification faster than normal.
You’re pretty exhausted already, so—~

‘We’ve talked about this already.
I’m up for the task.
The question is… are you?’

After their little back and forth, silence prevailed for a moment.
Kuzon’s heavy breath echoed around him, and a feeling of discomfort crept upon him.

That is, until his Familiar spoke.

~What will you have me do?~

‘The Ring of Power will amplify [The Emperor], but that means I need to be on a certain level to be able to use it.
I’ll need you to flood me with your power.’

~What? You’ll die!~

‘Not if its a gradual impartation.
Give it to me in morsels so my body has time to acclimate.’

Xenia couldn’t believe this host of hers.
His strategy for defeating his invincible uncle was by becoming even more invincible himself.

Sure, the plan sounded probable in theory, but that presupposed the idea of Kuzon being capable of handling so much power.

‘I’ll use [Marionette] to keep myself moving at all cost.
With your eyes, I should be able to see all of Kido’s Aether, so controlling them won’t be too difficult.
I’ve been stockpiling so much power into the Ring for years now—including a great deal of [The Emperor]’s energy signature.’

~During the time I grant you morsels of my power, take in the Aether around you too.
It should allow [The Emperor to key into the frequency of this world and help give you control.~

‘Thank you.
I’ll do that.’ Kuzon was a little surprised by Xenia’s suggestion, but it only made him happier.

Despite her attitude and several troublesome traits, she had been his partner for such a long time.
He was going to miss her the most.

‘You really are the best.’

~Damn straight.
Now let’s do this, Golden Boy!~





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