Beruel’s mind had been hurting ever since Kuzon managed to survive the attacks of his clone without so much as a scratch.

Their Magic was supposed to be concentrated to the highest degree, and even one blast should have eviscerated anyone who didn’t employ the protection of Aether.

He had observed the boy, and the young Midas never erected a barrier in his golden form.
He simply tanked their assault.

As if that wasn’t enough of a strain on his senses, Beruel also watched as Kuzon dissipated the condensed light attacks made by his clones.

He then destroyed said clones, and—

‘H-he… how?! No way…!’

Beruel now stood in his observation room, watching as a massive opening manifested in front of him.

His dense barrier had been bypassed—or rather, obliterated.

Even the walls which he had especially used the strongest alloy he could find to create had also been destroyed.

His sanctuary had been breached, and he was now left bare—having only his technology to defend himself.

“Won’t you come out to greet us, Fairy King?”

Beruel’s face scrunched up upon hearing the condescending tone of the young Midas.
Veins appeared all over his pale face as his dull green eyes displayed sheer fury.

‘Darn brat! He must know, by now…’ Beruel gritted his teeth as his System Window appeared in front of him.

This wasn’t over yet.
He couldn’t give up at this point.

‘I can’t defeat him as I am now.
I’ll accept that much…’ Beruel’s thoughts trailed.

However, that didn’t mean he was going to allow himself to get defeated by a brat.

‘This isn’t over, Midas boy!’

The Fairy King’s mind swiftly went to work, and he figured out the best way to achieve his objective.

‘I’ll draw this out for as long as possible.
If I buy enough time for my incoming clones to arrive, then it’s possible!’

Not only would he be draining Kuzon’s energy, but when thousands of duplicates arrived on the scene, it would be over.

“Activate all sanctuary defences.
Protect me at all costs.”

The System glowed instant red, executing its command in a flash.




“Hm? What’s going on?” Kuzon murmured, feeling the room tremble.

While he and Ana remained in the protective bubble of his Familiar, Kuzon still felt the tremors manifesting around him.

The walls of the large area they were in was transforming, and even the large hole that Kuzon made was closed up within moments.

“Hiding, I see…” The golden-haired boy smiled.

Sparks of golden electricity appeared on his body as he made to move.
However, he was stopped by his partner’s off behavior.

She swiftly activated a ring she had on, summoning something in the process.

“Alright! Magic Tools are finally working!”

Something about Kuzon’s protective barrier made it possible for her to utilize her Items.
The moment Ana realized this, she went straight to work.


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