As the last prince of the Midas Race, Kuzon was gifted with the treasures of his people—the Midas Heritage.

His Ring.

His Bracelet.

His Necklace.

They all symbolized different aspects of the Midas culture, and they all possessed immense power.

‘I’ll need to resort to using one of them.’ Kuzon thought to himself, staring at the enemies that surrounded him.

~You don’t have to do this, you know? I can just manifest and destroy them, if it comes down to it, so—~

I’m not making you fight.
It’s my battle.” Kuzon stubbornly clung to his word.

His eyes were ablaze with determination.
So much so that it surprised Ana.
She hadn’t seen Kuzon look this serious before.

“Besides… this won’t take too long.” Kuzon smiled.

Xenia, his Familiar, decided to simply observe instead.
Usually, she would have been on his case and done her best to tease him.

… She understood the state he was in.

Kuzon needed this victory.

“Hey, Fairy King.
If I win this fight, will you give me the information I need?” Kuzon asked, a daring smile playing on his face.

He clutched his left arm with his right—raising the former to display a golden bracelet hidden within his sleeves.

The bracelet had strange encryptions on it, and they began to glow on his wrist.


The Beruel clones all summoned dense energy in form of Aether and created light projectiles that instantly became sharp spears.

Each spear was filled to the brim with concentrated energy, and they sent all of them flying at Kuzon in a flash.

A golden-blue barrier was instantly raised around both Kuzon and Ana, shrouding them in the dome of protection.

The metallic surface of the ground took most of the damage, sending sizzling smoke spreading everywhere.

Fortunately, the barrier remained intact.


“I’ll take that as a yes.
In that case… I’ll show you something interesting, Fairy King.” Kuzon’s voice echoed amid the smoke and dust.

He exited the barrier made by his Familiar, walking calmly though the smoke.

‘Take care of Ana…’


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