You and I were going to have a discussion now.

Was my tone sounding scary? Perhaps.
I couldnt care less at this point.

It didnt really matter how it was achieved as long as I could get what was required, that was victory.

And what I require is every single person I care about being intact.

But you compromised that, Vaizer.
My smile broadened.

Now right in front of the paralyzed Beastfolk, I prepared myself for what I was going to put my interlocutor through.

p I really hope you cooperate though Ill get what I want either way.

I drew closer to the Beastfolk, whispering as clearly as I could into its scaly ears.

So as soon as I undo this paralysis you better start talking.


Vaizer felt an emotion squirm within him when the human in front of him spoke.


How dare you?! His thoughts pounded.

Had it not been for his clearly miserable state, he would have crushed the boys jaws and proceeded to draw out his intestines.

It was simply because of his current weakness!

Dont think you deserve my fear, boy.
Youve earned nothing!

The human before him was fifteenmaybe sixteen at mostby human standards.
He was still a fledgling, no matter how one sliced it.


It seems were in agreement.
He spoke, now summoning some sort of potion to cure his current predicament.

Vaizer felt pain as he awaited the moment he would be freeenough pain to drive someone to the edge of insanity.

He waited to be cured so desperately!

However, compared to the pain he endured back then, this was nothing.
He simply grit his teeth and awaited the moment he would strike.

Stupid brat.
Ill show you

The human went ahead to inject a potion into Viazers body.
The draconic warrior wondered how he was able to pierce his armored skin so easily.

Its probably the material used for the injection.
Whats it made from? Vaizer found himself pondering.

Still, it didnt change the end result.

Haa I feel it the pain leaving me

Slowly, Vaizer began to feel his nerves and his aching muscles.
His insides had been bastardized beyond belief, but not beyond redemption.

He slowly healed himself when he could, and while he was slightly able to move, he remained stagnant.

This should do it.
Should I wait for a while? The boy whispered, turning away from Vaizer.

He casually walked to his seat, most likely intending to have a good time while watching his prisoner slowly gain control.

Fool! Vaizer grinned.

Once he was done healing, he would go on a rampage.
He could sense it well the reinforcement behind the walls that surrounded the room.

Ill kill you first, impudent brat! No one will be coming to your aid.

Then, he would pour out his strength and concentrate it in a single portion of the wall.
Vaizer assumed he would be able to break it down eventually.

But first

His eyes narrowed on the boy as he prepared to have his seat.

How could you turn your back on an enemy, paralyzed or not?

Vaizer felt like he could easily tear down the brat, but he kept his cool.
He would prefer it if he was completely recovered.

The blonde sat down, patiently watching him.
A moment of silence pervaded the room, and some minutes flew by in a flash.



Vaizers eyes bulged as he enhanced every muscle in his body.

He would have preferred letting his prey suffer as much as he did, but other pressing matters required his attention.

As such

Ill blow off his head in one hit.


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