The Boss of the Glacier Dungeon wasnt the real problem.

Sure, it was a tough opponentstanding at about sixty meters in height alone.
The Golem-like entity had a very bulky body, and its cold skin was hard.

The Mana it exuded was also extremely immense.

Aloe Vida and Maro struggled a great deal against it.
Not only was it strong, but it was fast as well.
Due to its extreme mass and magical density, it was a challenge to fight it.

Still, by using Asa as the deciding factor, they had managed to push through.
The young Beastfolk had a special ability that allowed him to escape the detection of anyone.

Even he couldnt explain it beyond merging with the surroundings.

The ability was useful in this respect, though.
By planting Mana Bombs in the specified areas that Maro told him tothe Bosss weak points and most important joints they were able to deal serious damage and slow it down.

Once Asa was done with his mission, Aloe Vida leaped into action and used her frightening Magic ability to finish it off.

All in all, it was a tough round, but they still managed to emerge victorious.




So, why?

Aloe Vida was sick and tired of facing challenge after challenge.
It ate at her energy, but Mana wasnt her problem.

The whole thing just seemed unfair.

The Boss has been defeated, so what is the meaning of this?

The three team members watched as three thin layers of ice emerged from the ground.
They had immense energy within themenergy that couldnt be explained or described with words.
It was simply overhelming.

This could mean trouble Even Aloe, the most powerful of the three, felt like she couldnt comprehend the energy she was sensing within the ice sheets.

Finally completely separated from the grounds, the three surfaces transformed into mirrors, reflecting the respective challengers within them.

From left to middle to rightAloe, Asa and Maro watched as the mirrors took in their image.
Confused expressions formed on their faces as they failed to comprehend the relevance.



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