Im over five hundred years, for crying out loud.
These humans are like children to me.

Lemi felt like she would cry out, with the way the two human boys kept talking.

Was this her punishment for defying Jared? Babysitting the boys.

Haa A brief sigh escaped her lips.

Even though she felt like their treatment of her was polarized, the Half Elf couldnt bring herself to hate it.
In fact, it was the opposite.

Well, its not so bad Lemi smiled slightly, feeling her initial hesitance fade away.

Both of the boys were loud, annoying, and mistaken about her.

However, she couldnt say she disliked the scene unfolding before her.

I guess you also enjoyed yourself like this sometimes A boy appeared in her mindthe same person she suspected to be her father.

Maybe I should have


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