We made our way down, using the intangibility function of our cloaks.

As we passed through the walls, like ghosts, Maria and I descended the stairs and have hidden passages that should have kept strangers away.

The building was structured in such a way that it had so many levelseven underground.

Mana Gems provided illumination, and the structure seemed to be built using a rather strong alloy as the base material.

The walls had a metallic gleam to it, but I chose not to focus on those for too long.

I sensed some activity in every floor, making me curious as to what exactly the Netherlores were doing in such secret underground structure.

Time to find out!

Fortunately, I came prepared.

Summoning my Automatonsall of which had the [Unknowable] effect on themI sent them to the various locations we bypassed.

That final spot underground thats the goal!

I spotted so many Magic Traps and defences.l as we ventured deeper.
Unfortunately for the Netherlores, none of them were going to be of any help.

They couldnt sense Marias presence or mine.
Besides, even if they could, we would simply pass through them.

Its perfect!

My heart somehow raced in both excitement and dread as we got close to the blot in space.

What I was sensing from there almost felt forbidden.

Could this be it? The big Netherlore secret? My thoughts rang.

Soon, we arrived close to the point where Mana was basically nonexistent.
Maria and I halted, now standing before a door.

I dont know what exists beyond this door.
It could be dangerous.
If you want, I could teleport you away and take care of this myse

One glare from Maria made me realize I had said something unnecessary.

~Weve already come this far together.
Lets end this the same way.~

I couldnt agree any more.

As we both nodded while grinning ear to earat least, it felt like that was the expression she made.

Why dont we pass through this

As I touched the large metallic wall, my body felt hard and stiff.


I wasnt intangibleor invisibleany longer.

What in the?!

It was unexpected, but the [Unknowable] effect on my hand had gone.

Realizing this, I quickly removed it from the metallic wallcausing another strange phenomena to occur.

It returned to its invisible state?

Why? What was happening?

Could it be Anti-Magic?

Nomy [Unknowable] was a product of the Tower Arcana.
I extrapolated one of its space-bending functions to allow myself become intangible and non-visible.

Kind of like I was at a particular place, and also not there at the same time.

Anti-Magic couldnt interfere with Laws that complicated.
It simply offset the effects of Magic made from Mana and Miasma.

Besides this didnt feel like Anti-Magic.

There was no trace of Mana or Miasma behind the door.

There was no trace of anything!

Well have to destroy this door.
Theres a possibility weve already been compromised.
To get what we want, were going to have to love quickly.

Magic perhaps wouldnt work, even if I attempted to destroy the door with it.

Lets find out.



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