Even though I was called The Great Sage, I had my fair share of experiences with women.

There was Emilia, then Karlia and then Lilith.

As a result, I couldnt empathize with the Pope who spoke.

I only wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery that gnawed at me.

Can we get to the point, please? Youre starting to dissipate.
I commented, noticing the Popes body slowly turning into light.

A-ah, thats true.
I guess I got a little carried away.

A little? I found his statement questionable, but let him go on.

My name is Morgan, a member of the Apostles of Aether.

Finally, I was getting answers.

In our time, a great darkness emerged and my friends and I had to stop it.

The Nether?

Morgan nodded with a smile when I said this.

Looks like Merlin already told you.
The Nether is a threat that will consume this world, and will go further to wreak more havoc.

Further? Wreak more havoc? I dont understand I suspected he was leaning at something, but I couldnt believe what was appearing in my heart.

Nether isnt after the branch, that is our world he is after the stem itself, all the way to the root.


Nether seeks to consume Aether.
Those two were never meant to coexist.
Just as existence and non-existence, or matter and non matter should, never converge.

I was confounded, but it slowly made some sense just a bit if sense.

So youre saying our world is a branch? A branch of what? What is this root? What exactly is Nether? What is Aether? I needed a breakdown of everything.

Ah, Im not good at explanations.
This is why Merlin should have been the one to do this.
Haa, this is oh no, its too late.
Im disappearing already.
Morgan spoke in a deflated tone.

Something about the whole thing made me suspect that the guy never intended on giving me too many details.

And so, as I watched him tone into nothing but white smoke and glimmering light, he made a final statement.

Be wary of Ciel.

And then, he vanished.

As the particles of light that danced before me, I grew confounded once more.

Who is this Ciel? Rather than having the answers I sought, I now had more questions.

The Apostles of Aether, and the Ciel person must have been in conflict since ages past.
To understand, perhaps I had to look through other myths and stories tales that went far beyond just the Arcanas.

Haa this is bothersome.

The darkness around me began to crack, indicating I was going to be let out of the area pretty soon.

I would be reuniting with Maria which was a different problem on its own.

This is gonna be awkward.

External light seeped in from the cracks appearing around me, and slowly, the confined space I was in broke apart.

As though I was wrapped in a dark sphere, the veil slowly lofted, and I could see an empty room around me.

No pews.
No cathedral.
No altar.
Just an empty room.

J-Jared youre back!

A shaky, yet relieved tone rang out, causing me to sharply glance in the direction.

Not only did I hear Marias panicky voice call out for me, but I was also sensing the energy of another.


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