Looks like everyone had a lovely night.
I smiled at everyone.

They seemed raring to go, each armed with their respective tools and clustered in their allocated groups.

It was early in the morning, and the sun was yet to completely rise, but every team was ready for their respective journey

Well, lets all be careful, but also give it your best.

I didnt want a situation where they would be overly cautious and let an opportunity slip past them.

They were allowed to be reckless as long as they fulfilled their mission.

Of course, I wont be allowing all of you to die.

If you encounter the swordsman from Nerons description, flee immediately.
As for other members of the Cult, act based on your discretion.

To be honest, the version of Beruel I fought was stronger than most of the people on the mission.

Beruel is the Fourth Seat, and a mere machine from him is strong enough to give a lot of you trouble.
If you meet the real one, or any of the higher Seat Members, Ill advice you to flee.

At least, that would preserve their lives.
In the advent that their Souls could be destroyed, it would take even more time and resources to get them back.

I have no definite idea what the enemy is capable of.
But, since I have ways of tracking everyone, Ill come to the aid of anyone who is in danger.

If there was anything I refused to happen, it would be the death of my allies.

Lets get those Arcanas and win.

My speech was accompanied by cheers, and I happily split up the teams.

Granting each team an Automaton as a guard, I teleported them to the areas where I suspected the Arcanas to be.

Of course, retrieving them was completely left to them.


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