worried and surprised.
She also gave the same look, but before either of us could communicate, a large panel appeared before us.

Seeing that we had limited time, we both decided to read the rules first.

[Truth or Share: Rules Of The Game]

[We have two young people who want to be wed in Holy Matrimony.

But, being bound for life can be very hard and unsatisfying if you dont know enough about your partner.

Plus, so many people are against your union.

Prove them all wrong and show the power of your bond!

Let true love prevail!]

You must not speak to your partner throughout the game.

You will take turns asking your questions, and the other party will have to choose between telling the truth or sharing a secret.

Honesty is the best policy.
You should never tell a lie, or else

Do not ask silly questions or tell silly secrets.
The questions and answers must be strong enough to convince the audience of the depth of your love.

Telling a lie or failing to meet the criteria of these rules will mean immediate disqualification.
You wont be allowed to step foot in this cathedral any longer.

[If you do well and prove your faith, the Pope himself will bless you with his Gift.]

[Enjoy The Game]

I was appalled by the conditions.

Initially thinking we could just get away with asking silly questions, my reality was shattered upon discovering that things werent as simple as I had hoped.

I cant even communicate with Maria? Shit!

I wondered what would have happened if I decided to come alone.

Would the trial have been different? Or would the Cathedral not have allowed me to enter at all?

I was confounded, but I still had no choice but to play the game.

After all the note at the end of the rules mentioned being given a gift by the Pope.

It was most likely going to be an Arcana.

Lets just get this over with I sighed and glanced at Maria.

She also had a determined look on her face, so we decided to give it our best shot.

Alright folks, looks like were ready to begin! The Pope appeared again.

He seemed too different from the calm man from earlier.

Now, he just seemed like a wild game moderator, trying to fire everyone up for the game he created.

This guy

Our audience is ready, and our young couple are also ready.
Now then shall we start?

My heart thumped hard and fast for some odd reason.

This was a simple trial for getting my prize, but for some reason, it felt more than that.
Having to be open to someone being so vulnerable it felt strange.

Too strange.

As the saying goes, Ladies first. ’ The Pope announced, giving Maria the first go.

I gulped, turning the gears in my head so I could provide the most optimal answer.





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