I saw two people from my past that shaped my life in the most bizarre and peculiar way.

Lilith Solomon They were seated at the very back, but seeing them smiling in anticipation made me feel so emotional.

I looked at the front pews and saw Neron, Serah, and a few other friends and allies.

There were some faces I didnt recognize, but once I glanced in Marias direction, I realized they probably belonged to her memories.

My brain immediately went to work so I could figure out what exactly was happening.

Why are we here again, Jared? Remember!


Do you, Maria, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? The man in front of us asked.

On his hand was a scepter, and he was holding a large book in the other.

His warm smile made me feel uncomfortable, but most especially so was his question.

Husband? What? I glanced at Maria, failing to understand what was going on.

Was this a wedding?

Ah, he did mention a union earlier

Truthfully, I had been trying to figure out what the heck was going on that I totally forgot what was going on for a while.

So, according to what Ive deciphered, this is a cathedral.
And that man is a Pope? I observed him more critically before making my conclusions.

There were several stories in this world, and a Pope often appeared in the fictional ones.
Apparently, he led an organization known as a Church and served a concept called God.

A Church had its customs, and one of those was how they organized their weddings.

Theyre making us get married here? Why?

I clearly remembered we came here to get an Arcana.

Why are they simulating this scenario? They even managed to project the people from our memories and placed them as an audience.

I truly did not know how much longer I could take it, considering

Emilia and Karlia are both watching, and they expect me to get married like this? What the heck?!

I knew those two werent real, but it still felt awkward as heck.

Was it because I still had lingering feelings for the two of them? Maybe

Will we obtain the Arcana if we get through the vows? I asked myself.

Maria was looking at me, probably waiting for my decision on the matter.

For now, lets play it safe.
I thought to myself and nodded to my partner.

I d-do.

The pope widened his smile.

And do you, Jared Leonard, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?

I gave another glance at Maria.

She truly was stunningly beautiful.
I was captivated beyond words, and her unsure expression made my heart race faster than normal.

My eyes glanced in the direction of the pews z and I watched those whom I had relationships with.

Theyre all smiling.
Karlia, Emilia Lilith.
I looked in the direction of the pale-skinned woman at the very back.

Theyre just memory fragments or something, Jared.
Dont get distracted.

I returned my gaze to Maria and took a deep breath.

It wasnt like this marriage was real anyway.
I had to get this over with quickly so we could retrieve our prize.

Thats all that matters now.

I do.

The Popes smile grew even wider.

Then, is there any among the audience who is against the union of this beautiful couple? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

I rolled my eyes at this point.

Everyone was smiling and happy for usat least, that was the setting.
Who would pop up now and say they were against the

Im against this!

Me too!

Theres no way I can allow this!

M-me too!


Several people rose to their feet and protested against the union of the wedding.


Maria looked as dazed as I was as we looked at the people who rose.

I want Maria as my bride.
Theres no way I can support Jareds union with her, even if he is my protege! Neron declared.

p What the what kind of messed up simulation is this?!

But you have Serah already! I accidentally yelled out in annoyance.

I want to have two wives.
Is there anything wrong with that?

Serah, are you cool with that?! I glanced in the direction of the red-haired woman beside him.

I love Neron with all my heart.
If thats what he chooses, I will support him no matter what.
That is why I am also against this union! The dumb version of Serah rose to her feet and declared.

I felt like pulling my hair out, but I controlled myself.

There were so many other people who were refusing the marriage.

I expected my previous lovers to protest, but none of them did.

Rather, the most bizarre people were the ones who spoke up.

Lewis is mine and mine alone!!! Jane Ursula yelled.

Not my best friend too! I wailed internally

No! Hes mine.
I want to cut up his body parts and use them for my research! Lemi grinned manically.

My own daughter! My tears intensified.

Ever since the moment I lost to him, Ive never stopped thinking about him.
I love you, Jared.
Legris Damien puckered his lips as he spoke.

Okay, now this was out of control.

My nemesis too? What is this?! Its going too far!

People like my mother, Liliana the maid, and crazy enough, Ciara Epilsonwho wanted Maria, by the wayall sprang up to protest.

There were a few faces I didnt know, but they most likely belonged to Marias side.

Uncle! I heard her shoutindicating a member of her family was also causing trouble.

Speaking of family

I-Im in love with Maria! Stefan shouted.
Theres no way I will allow her to be taken away from me!

Stefan? You too?!

He looked like he did when he was in Ainzlark Academy, so it was a bit funny matching him up with Mariawho had grown to some degree.

At this point, I dont think this stuff makes sense any longer.

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