W-what in the world?!

I was amazed by the amount of information Kuzon had on the Nether Cult.

Not only had he deciphered the identity of some members, but he had also killed a total of four of them.

While you were engaging in your silly war, I tracked down their sites and killed them.
Damien Lawcroft was my third target, and afterward, I went further to eliminate the 8th Seat at the time.

According to Kuzon, there were eight more members in the Cults Seats, and he also told us about some of them.

Vaizar is a Dragon Beastfolk.
Then we have Beruel, the one who is an expert Magic Engineer.
He has a knack for evading me, since I cant find the real body.
Other than those two, I know theres another Demon in their ranks.
A newcomer joined them about two years back and apparently, hes made it to the a high-ranking position.

Asa was surprised to hear the name, Vaizer.

T-thats the Beast King before my father!

I had no idea why a Beastfolk, especially one who belonged to the very rare and powerful Dragon specie, would join the Nether Cult.

Considering hes still alive, then maybe they gave him a cure as well?

That made sense, since Gerard also rolled over when I offered the same thing.

I was surprised that another Demon would be in the Nether Cults Ranks, considering their plans involved sacrificing the entire Demon Race.

Kuzon already killed a Crimson Demon, so that means there were two members of the Demon Race before then.
This is disturbing.

However, despite all I was learning, I was not ready for the next shocking piece of information Kuzon dropped on me.

Reed Sterling, the last Grand Mage of the Eastern Kingdom is also a member of their group.

At this, even Neron and Serahwho had been silent since Kuzon began speakingdisplayed surprise.

Serahs eyes widened and Neron gave a disappointed sigh while shaking his head.

T-that geezer actually did that?

Well, this is an interesting turn of events.
Makes sense, though.
So thats what he has been up to.

Kuzon gave us other details, like the location of the bases he had explored, and how they had advanced technology at their disposal.

Once he was done, I was certain he shared more than I did.

He knows so much amazing.

While I isolated myself to get stronger, Kuzon explored the world and actively investigated the Nether Cult.

It wasnt until recently that he started killing its members.

The notion was both impressive and scary.

Ive fulfilled my end of the bargain.
Now, tell me the location of their headquarters.

I was hesitant to share my final piece of information, but Kuzon already said more than enough to earn it.

Why are you after the Nether Cult, though? So far, it doesnt seem like you care about the Arcanas or Demons.
You also seem particularly interested in the members.
Is there someone, in particular, youre looking for?

A moment of tense silence enveloped our sphere, and I stared hard at Kuzon, hoping for an answer.

Thats not your business.

You might be right, but consider it the question of a worried friend.
Its not just Ana who cares about you I do as well.

While I was just trying to appeal to Kuzon to share his motive, my statement wasnt a total lie.

You shouldnt throw your life away.
Join our team!

Oh? Is that so? Then as a friend as well, will you tell me the true reason the Nether Cult is after you, Mr.

Uh?? Surprise almost leaked out, but I struggled to maintain my poker face.

Youre wondering how I know so much, dont you? Well, when you torture multiple members of the Cult and extract information from them, connecting the dots isnt so difficult.

Youre much more capable than I took you for.

So, will you tell me?

Well, thats a personal matter I glanced around and realized that curious gazes were now on me.

Kuzon, this sly bastard.
He shifted everyones attention to me!

Mine is a personal matter as well.
I would prefer it if you didnt interfere.
Now, tell me the location.

At this point, I had to give the victory to Kuzon.
He was always so witty in terms of driving a conversationeven back at Ainzlark.

But, the more I was impressed by his abilities, the more I didnt want to let him go.

Isnt it dangerous to go to their headquarters alone? Ill tell you the place, but you should join us.


We share the same enemiesthe Nether Cult.
If we work together, well surely take them down.
You you dont have to carry all that burden by yourself.

For a moment, there was silence.

I couldnt tell whether my words worked or not, but Kuzon appeared a bit dazed for some time.

Did I get him?!

Unfortunately for me


I wasnt even close.

Hahaha! When did you get so corny, Jared? The heck is that?

I felt a bit embarrassed, but I remained silent.

I dont have to carry all that burden by myself? Thats why I should team up with you? Normally your statement would be a lot more credible, except for one critical factor.

At this point, Kuzon was smiling.
However, it wasnt a warm one.
His grin was more condescending than Id ever seen.

To me, you people are the burden.
In a way, I suppose youre right I shouldnt carry burdens.

Okay, that was too far.

Really? Were burdens?

You are.

My frown deepened, but I couldnt afford to let his words get to me.

Even me? I smiled ruefully.

Perhaps I didnt make myself clear.
Other than Neron, I dont see anyone here who could help me out.
Ah, Serah Crimson could prove useful too but three is a crowd.

It had been forever since I was referred to as dead weight.

I could understand why Kuzon felt the others werent up to his standards, but it felt oddly annoying that I was lumped into the same boat.

Kuzon moved closer until he was right in front of me.

He looked down on me and bent a little to repeat his words in my ear.

In essence, youre a burden too, Jared.





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