I turned my focus on Kuzon, but at this point, he simply looked uninterested.

The question of what happened to his race, his nation, did not faze the boy in the slightest.

Thats because the Midas Empire no longer exists.
It was destroyed twelve years ago.
There was a dead calm in his eyes as he spoke about it.

W-what? How did that even?!

Thats enough talk.
Ive gotten what I wanted, and I also gave my customary greeting to Ana.
Im leaving.

Kuzon took a step back, and golden lightning formed on his body.


Once again, he didnt listen to me.
Apparently, he simply wanted to abandon everyone againeven Ana, whom he just kissed.

I said wait!

Instantly utilizing my Anti-Magic, I disabled the golden lightning that danced around his body.

Hmm? Kuzon looked surprised for a moment, and then a slight spark of interest appeared in his eyes.

What did you do? His voice still sounded cold, a sharp contrast from the young boy I remembered in Ainzlark.

Just how much has he changed? Or was he always like this and I never noticed?

Could I even call myself Kuzons friend after everything I was discovering? No one knew anything about him, and he was basically detached from everyone at this point.

Ill tell you once were done with this conversation.
Why are you in such a hurry? Where are you going? I narrowed my eyes.

I began putting my brain to work.
Kuzons appearance was a surprise and all, but it wasnt entirely bad.

Hes strong, and he has experience hunting down those Cult members.
If I bring him to my side, then

The prospect of that plan was good.
The only issue was how to tie him down and ensure cooperation.

My next target.
If youre not telling me what I want to know, thats fine too.
Just dont get in my way.
With that, Kuzon began walking away.

He cant activate Magic since I used Anti-Magic, so hell just walk? Just how uncooperative can this guy be?

Still, I wasnt going to give up!

Kuzon was a Midas, and his race boasted of having a superior overall constitutioneven better than the Beastfolk.

Other than Neron and myself, and Serah too; I expected Kuzon to be stronger than every member of our team.

He was indispensable at this point.

Why dont we share Intel? Tell us what you know, and well tell you what we know.
That way, everyone gets what they want.

Kuzon stopped dead in his tracks.

He glanced in my direction, half of his face displayed thanks to his golden hair covering the other part.

Start first.

His hands were in his pocket, and his cloak danced with the wind.

Despite our long time apart, and how much the boy had changed in both behavior and looks, some things remained the same.

For one, the three Magic Items he donned as a necklace, ring, and bracelet.

He also had a luxurious outfit, purple shirt, and dark pants, with gold linings accentuating their prestige.

His shoes were also unique, and everything he donned had special Magic properties.

Did he make them himself, or? There were many questions in my mind, but I decided to leave them for when I finished bringing the young Midas to our team.

Ill begin.


Before starting the information exchange, I brought Maria out of the subspace I hid her in when Beruel attacked.

She was initially flustered, but seeing everyones faces calmed her down quickly.
Serah took it upon herself to fill her in on what happened, so I could focus on my conversation with Kuzon.

On one end was our group, and on the other was Kuzon.

He looked dead calm, and there was no trace of a smile on his face.

Jeez when did he get so edgy?

Since I was the one starting, I had to make my information appealing.
If not, I doubted Kuzon would stick around.

I dont know how much Kuzon knows about the Cults involvement in the just-concluded war, of their goal of collecting Arcanas

To be safe, I mentioned all of them.

The Nether Cult currently has ten Arcanas.
The Magician.
The Lovers.
The Star.
The Papess.
The Chariot.
The Empress

The Empress??! Kuzons eyes widened and he broke out of his cool character the moment I mentioned the Empress Arcana.

Finally, the Devil.
They are also searching for others like this one we just got I showed him the [Strength] Arcana, but Kuzon didnt seem the least bit interested in it.

Frankly, that was a bit unsettling.

Do you know which members have which Arcanas? Like The Empress? He asked with genuine interest.

No, we dont.
But, only the upper echelon members of their Organization are allowed to wield Arcanas, so it has to be a member of the top brass.

Of course.
That much is obvious.
Anything else? He tapped his finger on his folded arm impatiently.

This looks like he cant wait to get out of here.
What the?!

I thought he would find some of the information I shared with him to be useful, but was I just wasting his time?

Well, I have a trump card A smile formed on my face as I was ready to knock Kuzons condescending gaze off his face.

I know where their base is located.

Once again, the boys eyes lit with interest, causing me to smile within myself.

Heh! He took the bait!

I see.
Alright then.
Of everything youve told me, I suppose the one thing I still havent figured out is the location of their base.
Kuzon sighed, returning his hands to his pockets.

Ill tell you what I know, and then youll tell me the name of the base.
Once thats over with, we can go our separate ways.

This guy Was he intentionally trying to avoid being indebted to our group?

Well, thats fine.
It depends on the information you bring to the table, though.

At this point, I had already set a bar for the level of information I desired.
It would take quite the information to trump that.

Well, hear for yourself.





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I cherish and love you all.

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Do have a lovely time.

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