SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 51: Jared's Big Show (Pt 2)

After considering all the criteria for admission into Ainzlark Academy, I had already deduced that there was no need to worry about it.

However, with the introduction of the third portion of our exams, that assurance vanished. If my guess was correct and our final score would be based on a culmination of the three areas, I needed to do extremely well in the first two.

’I didn ’t intend to go this far initially, but… I won ’t be holding back for this exam… at least not too much! ’ My thoughts trailed.

To achieve the most efficient result, I had to resort to [SPELLCRAFT].

Releasing the mana from my three Mana Cores, I resonated them with the environment. Fortunately, our very surrounding was rich in mana since hundreds of people had already used their spells before I entered the stage. Plus, the hall itself operated on magic.

That meant I had a nearly limitless pool to draw from!

Synchronizing my mana with the mana present around me, I created different reactions for three of my spells.

’I have the spell and formula in my head, I just don ’t have enough mana and speed due to my mana core grade… ’

That meant the only thing limiting me, as well as most Magic-Users, was my Mana Core. However, using [SPELLCRAFT], that limitation was as good as gone!

”[Sylph ’s Whisper]. [Ifrit ’s Breath]. [Heavenly Spark]. ” I chanted simultaneously.

Three Basic Spells at the same time, all at the highest caliber.

The wind hurricane that Maria had used during her round appeared in a flash. Mine was even more powerful, as all my spectators felt the breeze blow across their seats. Such was the power of my [Sylph ’s Whisper]!

[Ifrit ’s Breath] was a fire spell that boasted the most destructive capacity of all Basic fire Spells. It took on the shape of a large ball floating high above my head. The heat was enough to send everyone sweating. The strong wind blew the heat across the entire hall, causing the uncomfortable heat to spread more rapidly.

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Finally, [Heavenly Spark] was a Basic Lightning Spell, and like other spells, I cast, boasted the highest destructive capacity out of all the spells in its class.

Appearing with a roar above the examiner, my lightning stood still, waiting for the completion of my spell which would cause it to immediately descend.

With the three of the most powerful spells most people in the room hoped to achieve at my beck and call, the reactions of the examinees changed in an instant.

”W-what?!! ”

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