Neron seemed to have it all.

Power, looks, talent the list went on.

Sure, I was more innovative in many ways, but even without me, Neron seemed to be able to do whatever he desired.

Most of all, even though I had faltered many times, he never seemed to make a mistake.
He was always calm, unassuming, and completely dependable.

In addition to his power and love for Magic, Neron was able to balance a life of romance and he was soon going to get married too.

It made me realize

Just how empty I was.

Watching Neron also got me thinking.

If he could balance all of this alongside having a partner shouldnt I be able to do the same?

But, I knew the sad truth, and the difference between me and him.

Neron has no limits.
He can do anything.
He can achieve both Magic and Love

Only one of the above could be mine.
Wasnt that the truth?


You also want what he has, Jared.
Thats the truth.

Maybe Aloe was right.
She did seem more experienced in that field than I was.

Plus, she had told me about many of her escapades.
Since she was pretty, many guys had come after her.

That was why I could take her word for it.

Even amid so many people, you are lonely isnt that right, Jared?

I Im lonely?

I wasnt sure, but I did feel empty.

Even with the adventures and discoveries I was having, it all felt meaningless when no one was willing to interact with me.

If it hadnt been for Aloes company, then, what would I be doing?

The words of Alphonse and Serah echoed in my heart, and it hurt slightly.

But, I couldnt deny it any longer.

Yeah, youre right I smiled sadly.

Aloe Vida was right, and she knew that.
Her smile calmed me, and I was grateful we had this conversation.

I truly am lonely.


Aloe and I finally stopped conversing after I was done analyzing the Arcana before us.

It was the genuine thing.
That brought relief to my heart, in more ways than one.

My comrades and I didnt try our hardest in vain.
A tear nearly dropped from my eyes.

I had also analyzed the energy around the Arcana, and while even I couldnt completely decipher it, I knew it wasnt harmful.

Time to claim our prize.

Now floating in midair, I made my way to the floating card and felt a strange energy envelop me as I drew closer.

Something was unraveling the closer I got to the card, and as I stretched my hand to retrieve it, I could feel my vision getting blank.


Im so close.

I kept pushing.

Finally, my hand came into contact with the Arcana, and I was suddenly thrust into a brand new worldat least my mind was.


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