[One Week Later]

Despite saying we were pressed for time, and that we had to hurry this much had to be done.
I smiled at my comrades.

They were all outfitted in different clothes and Magic Items.

Not only that, but their level of power had drastically risenthanks to the one-week intensive training we did.

They looked like strangers, compared to their past selveswell, some looked just the same.

In any case, I was proud of how much had been achieved so far.

While they were training, I was compiling all my research and developing a route.
Im still not done, but its time we begin.

I had no idea how long the enemy would take in finding out the positions of all the Arcanas, but for it to take me this long when I was simply building upon existing information, they couldnt have been able to get very far.

Well be going on our very first mission.
Legend has it that the Heroes of the past actually challenged this one and they failed.
I said.

In the past, a few of them would have made troubled expressions, but none of my comrades seemed the least bit shaken.

The true nature of the Arcana is unknown, but one must overcome trials and tribulations in the process of obtaining it.

It wasnt easy on them, or me, but we had made it this far.

It was time we began our journey for real.

As we all readied our hearts, I felt a surge within my heart.
Watching them all, I realized

Neron Kaelid

Serah Crimson

Lemi Vindiel

Maro Smith

Aloe Vida

Edward Karl Leon

Anabelle Frederick

Jerry Keller

Ciara Epilson

Maria Helmsworth

Ivan Smith

And finally


This was my team.

If I add myself, were thirteen.
Thats more than the Hero Partys numbers and were definitely surpassing them!

Lets get this show on the road.



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