In the just-concluded war, many people exceeded my expectations and were prime for an upgrade.

Maria, Ana, Edward, Ciara, Jerry, even Ivan.
They had all done exceptionally well.

I also needed to teach Lemi more about her current abilities.

So much to do, so little time

And, yes, there was one other important thing I had to attend to.

Considering the challenges ahead, it was better to rip the band-aid off as soon as possible for their sakes and mine.

Its time I reject the girls!

This was going to be one of my toughest ventures yet.

Pfffttt!!! Jane laughed once again, most likely because of my girl problems.


Everyone else looked confused about her outburst and my glare.
It was none of their business, anyway, so I decided to conclude the meeting.

Thank you all for coming.
Hopefully, we meet again in more favorable conditions.

Though we had a good time together, it was finally time to return to our homeland.

Of course, long-distance communication would be a necessity, so this wasnt necessarily goodbye.

This meeting is hereby adjourned.


I would have asked Jane for some girl advice, but she was a weirdo.

Id really just be shooting myself in the leg if I dared to enlist her help.

For one, I doubted she had feelings for someone.
Secondly, she was obsessed with Magic.
Lastly, she could be very blunt and inconsiderate.

The girls I was planning on talking to were Freya, Maria, and Ana.
I didnt know how the number got to three, but I had to nip it in the bud before it became a bigger problem.

And, because of that I decided to go for Freya first.

Ive known her the shortest.
Shes also an Elf, so I hope she doesnt take this too badly

We met in the Royal Garden, and the atmosphere betrayed my intentions.

The lush flowers, the pleasant aroma, and the gentle breeze that wafted around us.
Surely, this was a location meant for confessions and not rejection.

Still, I had prepared myself before now.
There was no way I could turn back.

Freya, I

As she was tending to the flowers, caressing them as one would do to a pet, she looked at me with an eager smile.

Yes? Go on.

My heart was pricked by her statement, but this was the time to stand my ground.
It was for the best!

Ill be leaving for my Kingdom tomorrow, and I just wanted to say about what you told me that time

Okay? Her voice trailed as she left what she was doing and looked squarely at my face.

One of her eyebrows was raised, and the tension instantly skyrocketed to an unimaginable degree.

W-well, I dont feel the same Im sorry In my own roundabout way, I was done with the rejection.

All that was left was for Freya to perhaps slap my face and cry off, or break down in front of me.

No matter the outcome, I was bound to feel terrible.

Im sorry.
This is the only wa

Uh? What the heck are you talking about?

Freyas voice sharply returned my mind to reality, and even I was a bit surprised by that response.


I mean, what are you talking about? Is it what I said about liking you? Why cant you just say that? Jeez, are you really that much of a wuss? Looks like I misjudged you.

O-ouch!!! Freyas words cut through me like a knife.

Now that I thought of it, she was Auroras daughter.

Back in the good ol days, her mother used to pick on me too.
Why did I even get involved with the daughter?

I-I see Were the only words I could say after recoiling from the emotional damage.

I couldnt even meet her gaze because she was currently staring at me condescendinglyalmost as though I was dirt.

Why did I even decide to be considerate with her? Crazy girl! It feels like Im the one being rejected!

Welp, either way, it seemed like everything still worked out.
I just had to take the win and call it Mission Complete.

W-well, then, I guess this is it.
Ill see you around.
Sharply turning from the girl, I quickened my pace and decided to vanish from her sight.

W-wait! Who did you choose, then? Lemi?

WHAT THE HECK!?! I didnt know when I shouted, once again facing Freya.

What gave the impression that I was even trying to get romantically entangled with my own daughter? What sort of disgusting pervert would I be to even do something like that?

So, thats a no? Thats a relief.

What was that for? Did she really have leftover feelings, and would be jealous if I picked her cousin over her?

Thank goodness, she doesnt have to be with a wuss like you.
Honestly, despite your valiant acts in the war, youre pathetic as a man.

More emotional damage coursed through me as I stared at the smiling Elf with a hurt expression.

W-why? Why do you feel the need to do this? I couldnt comprehend it.

Then, maybe Maria? Or someone else you have back home? She continued, looking at me with a curious gaze.

Women were hard to read when it came to stuff like this, and while my instincts were telling me she still had feelings for me, I wasnt arrogant enough to believe them.

She has moved on.
Thats good.
I smiled, recovering from the battering words she had given earlier.

None of them, Freya.
I smiled slowly, looking at the young Elf beauty.

To be honest, if I was to choose at this moment, it would be you

From a logical point of view, she was the best choice.

Not only were the others too young, but they didnt have too deep a connection to my past life.

Not only were the Elves close to the Fairiesby that, I meant JaneFreya was also cousins with Lemi, my daughter.

Aurora and I had a history as well, and the Elf Kingdom was a way more conducive environment for me.

She was a perfect candidate.

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