W-well, I figured you had some masochistic tendencies since you decided not to avoid any of the blades.

At this point, Serahs massive breasts were pressing on his chest, and she was wrapping her arm around him.

Neron felt so many eyes on himit felt extremely awkward.

H-hold on, Sera

Before he could speak, or even activate his [Timeless World], the woman gave him a deep kiss, and he lost himself in the act.

Gasps of surprise and epic cheers resounded in the air as the two made a public declaration of their love.

Neron was blushing heavilymaybe because of how embarrassing everything was and Serahs wicked grin made it obvious she planned this.

You little

Well, now that everyone knows you cant back out anymore.
She placed her finger on his lips and winked.

Neron had to admit, it was hot the way she was actingso forward and seductive.

Its hard Neron suddenly Serah on her shoulders.

You better take responsibility for this.
He whispered, now smiling wickedly.

A-ah, sure maybe late

Come on, dont be shy

Kyaaa! You brute.
Let go of me! Serah successfully broke free from his grasp and took to the sky.

You cant escape.
Take responsibility!!! He chased her with determination.

And, once again, both of them began their dance in the amber sky, one pursuing the other as they laughed and shouted.

The audience didnt know what to think at this point.

The war is over, I guess? Jane was the first to speak.

Yeah, I guess so.
Aurora seconded.

Shouldnt we do like a victory shout or something? Gerard murmured

Eh? Is that really necessary? Albion voiced his thoughts.

I just want to go home Jane sighed

What a couple.
Im jealous.
Maria whispered, happy that her mentor finally succeeded at love.

What now? Ivan was exhausted, but he still wanted to know what would come next.

Lets wait for Jared.
He should be coming back soon.
In the meantime, though Court Mage Elrich smiled.

We have to painfully watch those two lovebirds.
Freya murmured, now outside the Golem, with Lemi trailing behind her.

And so, everyone relaxed their bodies and enjoyed the two dancing lights in the sky, as they awaited the appearance of the young boy who made all of this possible.

I wonder where he is now


I was currently looking at the Demon Realm, watching everything on it reduce to nothing but rubble and smoke.

It was like a permanent scar on the land, and the Miasma Clouds that once covered the area had completely dispersed.

Of course, I made sure not to damage the land itself, since it was still useful, but everyone living there was most likely dead.

This is the result of that machine its just as powerful as I envisioned.

Before I left Ainzlark, I gave Maro, Ana, Aloe, and Neron the task of building something important for me.

The machine was ready in time, and that was what made this whole thing possible.

Of course, no machine could function without fuel, so the device I wanted built also needed a strong core to carry out its purpose.

I was initially thinking of making an artificial core that gathered Mana from the surroundings, but even that wouldnt be enough for the level of destruction I wanted to achieve.

That was why I could only rely on yet another one of my Arcanas.

[The Sun]

In terms of raw power, it was probably the most dangerous.

The Sun was basically an endless pool of self-sustaining energy.

It had nigh limitless power within, and the best part was that the energy within it reproduced at an abnormal rate, so it never ran out.

Even I didnt completely understand it, but the power within [The Sun] was not Mana.
It also wasnt Miasma.
It was just energy.

A great amount of it.

In terms of destruction, The Sun dealt extensive damageburning everything down to the very atoms.

It can burn through Magic too and maybe even concepts.

I was yet to try that last part out, and that was because of the dangers that came from using it.

[The Sun] was an uncontrollable, volatile source of power.

Only those with the highest degree of Mana Control could even dream of siphoning its power without suffering the repercussions.

One mistake in the absorption ratio could lead to an explosion that could decimate the area.

In essence, it wasnt safe.

Energy that can burn through Magic, or any form of resistance scary stuff.

But, it was this very thing that I needed to destroy the Demons.

I essentially designed my machine to take account of every little detail, so the energy absorption rate would be moderate.

Neron hid it in a special space by using a Spell Card I gave him, soby using a similar Spell Card, I could access the device.

I made sure to activate it deep in the mountainsin an uninhabited placejust to be safe.

As expected, it worked perfectly.

Once I infused the Arcana within the device, it whirred to life, and then I imputed the appropriate coordinates.

I could have blown the whole continent to smithereens, but I was looking for my Miasma Generatorplus, I also had plans for the continent itself.

So, I let the explosion occur a little higher.

Of course, that still meant the death of everyone in the place.

Adults and childrenevery single member of the Demon Race died, most likely screaming in unimaginable pain as they burned.

Well, the amount of energy would be enough to kill most of them in a second.
Im sure they didnt feel much pain.

Using that to comfort myself, I decided to move on to the next phase.

I better hurry I looked around the devastated area and spotted the location of the Miasma Generator.

Since that was the only place where Miasma flowed from, it had to be my target.

Bingo! Ill just wrap up here.

Using a Spell Card to access my special space, I summoned an Automaton.

Unlike the others, this one was extremely bulkylike a stout metal container with arms and legs.

Rather than functioning on Mana, this one used Miasma.

You know what to do.

The Automaton nodded with its cubby head in subservience.

Well, Im off.

Flying off to my destination, I left The Collector to carry out its task.



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