luding the Demon Incursion Plan, for a few matters that warrant discussion.

As you are well aware, weve gathered 10 of the Arcanas.
Thanks to the War, we were able to secure a few, and now we know of the locations of yet five others.
Our goals are now within sight.

Everyone nodded.

It was common knowledge that they had orchestrated things behind the scenes to achieve the best result.

Thanks to their inconspicuous efforts, things had worked out perfectly.

Due to the achievements of one of our members in the events, who executed the task with absolute perfection, I have decided to promote him.

Even though no one spoke, they knew who was being referred to.

Legris Damien, you may rise.

At that moment, one of the only two people who was seated on the left side was called forth.

He had dark brown hair and a smile plastered on his face.

I believe no one needs to be told the endless list of his achievements.
From initiating the War, to retrieving The Devil Arcana.
Weve benefitted a lot from this venture, so its only appropriate to reward him for his efforts.
With that said, the leader beckoned Legris to step forward.

The lanky man obeyed and moved away from his seat, drawing close to the young one.
Once Legris got a few inches further from him, he finally stopped.

The Arcana.
The Leader stretched forth his hands.

His black hair and dangerously gleaming reddish purple eyes rang of danger and malevolence.

Even though he looked unassuming, everyone in their right mind knew not to underestimate his authority.

Here it is.
Legris smiled, bringing forth the card he retrieved ten days ago.

[The Devil] yet another piece.
The young man smiled, looking at the card glimmer in Legris grasp.

The Magician.
The Lovers.
The Star.
The Empress.
The Papess.
The Chariot.

Those were the ones that had been secured already.
Adding The Devil to the mix, that made a total of ten Arcanas in their grasp.

The time is near The moment he reached out to touch the item, the Leader paused his statement.

His body shook a bit, and then he regained his composure.

Legris what happened to the Arcana before you recovered it? Was there prior contact?

I took it from the source.

Hmmm this is a problem.

Everyone looked at the leader to see what the problem was.
He was never one to overreact, so that meant a serious issue had surfaced.

I can clearly sense someones Mana clinging to that Arcana.
It has been altered in some way.

Mana? What in the?! At this point, even Legris was stunned.

Do it.
The leader turned to the woman beside him, and she bowed upon hearing his orders.


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