Though some found it to be an extreme measure, it was the most appropriate course of action.

No one could blame Jared Leonard for his actionsconsidering he had enough power to do it.

Still, even though their eyes displayed wonder, they couldnt get rid of the fear that was creeping into their hearts.

After all

Not only was the blast of destruction a beacon of hope, but it was also a warning.

If anyone dared to cross humanityno, Jared Leonardthey would be next.

That was enough for everyone to maintain a somber silence and watch the demise of the only Race that was foolish enough to defy the young boy.

H-he no n-no way Abellion began to mutter, his head shivering in disbelief and an indescribable feeling of loss.

His people, his land, his pride.

Everything he loved.

Everyone he cherished.

They were all gone in a flash of amber-yellow light.

You dont get to sound pitiful, man.
You brought this on yourself.
Abellion heard a prickly tone coming from the man who held him up to see what happened.

Y-you how dare you? How dare you say that? There were innocents there! Children! Innocent Demons! You killed them all! Abellion roared in pain as tears burst from his eyes.

I was right all along! Father never believed me! I was right! You all are threats! You all would bring an end to our Race! I knew it! Look what happened! If only we took action sooner! You lot are the true monsters! My people YOU KILLED THEM ALL!!!

After a moment of silence, Nerons voice finally shattered the Demon Kings self-serving rant.

Werent you going to the same to everyone else? Hypocrite.

Hearing those words, Abellion could do nothing but keep his widened eyes open as more tears streamed down.

This is all your fault.
The least you could do as a leader is to admit that.

It was clear to everyone at this point.
The way they all looked at him with disgust.

The Demon King had simply been in denial all along.

He refused to accept that he was the architect of his peoples destruction.
Because of his blind belief, he led his people into war, hoping to eradicate every other Race.

But, when the tables were turned and it was his people that got the short end of the stick, he could do nothing but wail like a baby.

You disgust me.
With those words permeating his head, Abellions cracked voice leaked out as his eyes became too heavy.

Was I wrong? Me? How could I have been?

The people who followed himthose who believed in his philosophywould that make them fools for trusting in his erroneous judgment?

He had instigated a coup, killed his brethren, rose to power, and forged connections with his only Allies, just to achieve his goal.

All he wanted to do was protect his people.

The humans are a threat

Was it so wrong for a leader to desire fully assured peace for his people?

Everyone else is a threat

It couldnt have been erroneous to desire an expansion of his species beyond the continent they were confined toforced to live out their lives under a cloud of Miasma.

No, they deserved better!

I wasnt wrong Abellion muttered as his life flashed before his eyes.

He did everything for his people.
He did everything for the glory of the Demon Race.
There was no way he would turn back on his ideals now.

Too many had died believing in him.
Innocents were slaughtered, and those who fought by his side had all been extinguished.

As the last person carrying the amber of his ambition, Abellion refused to give in.

Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wrong.
Im not wro


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