>I dont know which is funnier.
Your desperate desire to live, or how ignorant you are.

Damiens fear was temporarily disabled by an entitled rage that he felt anytime he was looked down upon.

You didnt realize this, but someone put a tracker on youmost likely to trace your location.
If I have to guess, Ill say its Jareds work.
It could also be Nerons, but Id still go for the former.

W-wha?! Damiens rage was completely submerged in an ocean of shock.

Look at your face.
Youre so stupid, arent you?

Damien didnt understand how anyone could have placed a tracker on him without his knowledge.


Dont worry, though.
I disabled it.
Theres no need to get those people involved in my business.

Damien was still trying to comprehend how he had been hoodwinked when a hand suddenly tapped his shoulder.

It was Kuzons.

The young man was squatting, placing a hand on his shoulder which brought about a greater degree of pressure.

A portion of Kuzons face was covered by his golden hair, so only one of his eyes could be seen by Damien.

It was so cold and condescending.

Youre wrong about so many things.
My intentions, and your worth.

There was something Kuzon hadnt told anyone.

His true motives, the reason he had killed two members of the Organization, and was about to kill anotherwithout any shred of remorse.

It was all because of a certain mana member of the Cult that he had been after since forever.

Of course, he wasnt going to tell Damien the details.

Let me ask you this.
If you answer well, I could let you live.

Damien gulped.
Despite the fear squirming within him, he wasnt going to miss this opportunity he had to live.

Do you know anyone by the name of Kido?

Uh? Damien Lawcroft was clueless.

Was he supposed to know the individual? He had thought his assaulter would ask him a question about the Organization, but he simply asked about a person.

I see you dont know him, uh? Figures.
Youre just a 10th Seat.


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