Before Abellion could react, he felt his head helplessly plop to the ground.

Blood gushed out of his body, and he watched as the fountain blasted from his decapitated neck.


Abellion was in more shock than pain.
The hand gripping his blade loosened, and his body soon collapsed.

I how?

His eyes couldnt stop bulging as his head was drowning in his pool of blood.

Looks like decapitating you doesnt do the trick.
Thats cool.

Abellion shivered the moment the voice rang in his ears.

It was a cool, calm tone, yet the Demon King could not stop shivering.

M-monster! His mind echoed.

There were many who would consider Abellion to be a monsterand a darn scary one at that.
However, upon meeting Neron, he was certain.

Hes a true monster!

Suddenly, the panicking Demon King felt a strong grip on his head, and he was slowly raised by the very monster he feared.

If youre wondering why youre not regenerating, Im placing that on hold.
Hope you dont mind.

At this point, Abellion could only dumbfoundedly watch Neron.
He no longer had it in him to argue or struggle.

Of course, that means you wont be dying yet, but still

Nerons voice was drowned with the cheers ringing from everyone.
He watched them clap and throw cheers.

The white-haired human returned to his usual state, and then raised the Demon Kings head as some form of a trophy as he smiled.

Here is the Demon King!

Laughs and more cheers rang from the people as they watched Neron swing the head like a pendulum.

Abellion felt humiliation like never before, being mocked by the Race he looked down onno, by literally everyone.

The Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Therianthropes, Fairies, and even Magic Beasts.

They were all mocking him.

Even death would have been preferable, but Neron had specifically mentioned how he couldnt regenerate or die.

He was currently stuck as a heada disgraced one.


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