[Hours Earlier]

Haa this is so frustrating! Damien Lawcroft growled as he walked through the dry forest.

It had been a week since his humiliating defeat at the hands of Jared Leonard, and he was still not over the loss.

Still, he was smart enough to know when to retreat and when to retaliate.

At this point, it was time for the former.

I better stay low-key

It was for this very reason that Damien had not made any noticeable move all week.
He no longer had any influence, and his network had been cut off thanks to Jareds plan.

The man had no idea what his enemies were planning, so he trod carefully.

I had a feeling they would have found my base, so I decided to teleport to my auxiliary safe zone.
White fog escaped his nose and mouth as he exhaled the cold air.

It was quite cold in the SouthEastern edge of the world, but not unbearably so.

Damiens Original Magic worked like a switcheroo.
He could exchange positions with any object he had marked.

Of course, depending on the distance needed to be covered, it took a great deal of Mana.

Still, when it came to escape or even combat, it was a very handy ability to have.

That was the only reason he was able to escape, after all.

I can see it.
Its in view.
Damien smiled, finally emerging from the thickets and dried branches that surrounded him.

He had finally reached his destinationThe Base assigned to him by the Organization.

I waited a week before coming here, waiting for the heat to die down However, from the looks of things, they never found out about the existence of this place.

That was perfect.

Every member of the Twelve Seats had territories assigned to them, as well as their Base.

Not only could the Bases connect to one another, but they also had camouflage functions, Magic defenses, and several assault functions.

It was a state-of-the-art structure that was said to be designed by one of the members of their Organization.

His name was Beruelan Upper Seat, or so Damien heard.

Lets get this over with.

He needed to contact a colleague as soon as possible.

Now that he was compromised, he needed to report the details of what he knew to the Organization.

Surely, the information in his possession still guaranteed his value to them.

Damien had no idea what happened to the Demons since he had been isolated for a week, but they were most likely vanquished.

With their demise, it was clear that the Organization needed more alliesespecially someone who had a close encounter with the enemy that caused the Demon side to lose.

Damien smiled, intending to leverage on this to once again solidify his position among their ranks.

They cant kick me out! I wont allow it!

Since his position in the Eastern Kingdom was practically nonexistent, the Organization was all he had.

Ive been trying to reach that bastard, Legris, but hes not responding! Damien gritted his teeth.

For a moment, he considered the fact that the Organization had turned its back on him, but after approaching the Base and realizing that he was still recognized as a member, Damiens worries dissipated.

The Base in question looked like a cabin from the exteriorbut it had a much bigger space within.

Usually, no one would be able to spot itor even get close to the thing.
However, since it was Damiens Base, his Magic resonated with the building, allowing him entry.

The cabin door creaked open and he gently made his way inside.

Damien did not bother to look around for caution, considering that he was assured of the Bases functions.

Once inside, Damien took in the warm atmosphere surrounding him.

He first appeared in the reception area, and then he could spot the stairs leading to the bedroom from where he stood.

Haa this is much better.

His backup structure was nothing this grandiose.

The interior of the base was impeccably tidy and beautiful.

The lacquer walls seemed freshforever preserved so by Magic.
The Carpets appeared brand new, the same as every furniture around.

Damien would have loved to rest or take in the sight even more, but there was something more urgent that warranted his attention.

I had better contact someone.

Since Legris was the 9th Seat, and he was the 10th, it was protocol that Damien contacted him first.

However, Legris had somehow blocked off all contact with him, making that route impossible.

Ill just jump straight to the 8th Seat, then! With this in mind, Damien moved to the center of the room and pressed his hand on the floor.

A large Magic Circle manifested, glowing purple as if warbled with ominous intensity.


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