I mean, I suppose my Time Barrier was too lax.
Maybe if I had poured more Mana into it, then it could probably stop it completely The white-haired man thought to himself.

Abellion was stunned beyond speech.
He was certain that would kill his opponent, yet YET!

Oh, well.
Its been a while since I even received an injury.
Ill have to change my assessment of you.
Turns out youre not that disappointing.

Other chuckles, other than Nerons, could be heard from all around.

This?! The Demon King finally noticed when he looked around him.

Every single member of the Demon Army was dead.

The victorious army had now surrounded the Demon King in a very wide circleall observing the showdown going on between him and Neron.

From all they had seen, it was enough for a few to laugh.

Theyre laughing at ME?! Those inferior drivels?! His eyes twitched as they widened in ragebloodshot with fury and sheer determination.

Hey, dont mind them.
You actually did very

S-SHUT UP AND DIE!!! Abellion roared, creating even more of the Javelin-Blades that affected Neron.

Surely, if he bombarded him with more of them, Neron would suffer fatal damage.


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