Abellions Original Magic, [Gates Of Hell], allowed him to create spatial ruptures anywhere he desired, and then summon blades from within them.

The thing most people didnt know about this ability was that the blades were a manifestation of Abellions will.

In essence, they were as strong as Abellions desireand the quality of his Miasma.

As such, he could choose the kind of weapons he wanted to summon, as well as the effects he desired from them.

It was an ultimate power that employed ultimate violence.

As long as Abellions imagination was unhinged, he could make his blades into anything possessing whatever quality he desired.

Of course, the only limiting factor was Miasma.


How are you still alive?

The recent bombardment contained enough power to level a city to the ground, and everything was focused on a single target.

Yet, why was it still standing?

Who knows? Your attacks were strong, so I barely managed to deflect them.

You deflected all of them?

At this point, the Demon King was dazed.
The Automaton also seemed to be a bit worked up, as it scratched its head a little.

E-er, no, I didnt deflect all of them.
Im not that strong.
I was simply able to heal of the injuries that some of those blades gave me.

They all have anti-healing properties.
Yet you healed from their damage?

The Automaton appeared even more flustered.

W-well okay, you were right the first time.
I deflected all of them.
Whew, I am not good at this.

Abellion had a feeling that he was being mocked, but it was hard to prove that with the opponents lack of a facial expression as well as its somewhat official outlook.

I dont understand whats going on here?

Even though it was very obvious that Abellion had the upper hand in the fight, he still felt like he was being played.

Or am I imagining things?

The opponent was weaker than him.
That was why Abellion hadnt gone all-out and decimated the entire area they were in.

He still intended to conserve power so he could assist his comrades.

While a lot of time was flying by thanks to the opponents evasive measures and sudden burst in power, Abellion still couldnt imagine resorting to his full power when fighting a much opponent.

Ill kick things up a notch to get it this time The Demon King smiled.


Upon observing the Demon Lord for a moment, the Automaton heaved a sigh of reliefor at least acted as though it did.

It was built with the whole warrior getup as its natural look, so it didnt have any respiratory organs, to begin with.

The reason for Gawains relief was that the truth about it was yet to be found out.

Master told me to occupy the Demon King, but Im not allowed to use excessive force

As such, Gawain had been restricting most of its functions so he could simply fulfill that role.

It made sure to prevent any damage that would be inflicted on himsince that was a core defensive property it possessedbut other than defense and light offense, the Automaton resorted to nothing else.

My goal is to stall for time and ensure the Demon King doesnt overexert himself when fighting me

After all, Gawain wasnt his opponent.

This is a bit difficult, though.
I wasnt designed to hold back to this extent, and my adversary is already figuring things out a little

If they continued like this, it wouldnt be long before Abellion realized he had simply been leading him by the nose.

That didnt mean it would stop trying its hardest to hold back.

With that in mind, Gawain prepared itself for the next barrage of blades that rained upon it.

They came from every directioneven beneath and above it.

I can think of a few dozen ways to handle this but the only means I can utilize is to evade and cut down the blades one after the other.

Gawain took flight and began moving faster than the homing blades could get to him, cutting them with the blade it had on hand.

The chase was swiftbut only to onlookers.
The Automaton felt as though time was slowed, but it had to endure this much.

It was its masters orders, after all.


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