[Days Later]

Its time.

As Abellion whispered this under his breath, he looked beyond the high ground where he stood and watched the massive expanse of land before him.

The Human Territory was bustling with lifeso much life.

What would occur if all that life was turned into Miasma?

Abellion looked behind him and saw his Demon Lords bowing.
They now numbered fourconsidering Lydia was dead and Desgarion now kept the fort.

Since he would be leading the army, it was imperative that someone strong remained to protect their borders.

No matter what anyone said about him, Desgarion was still the strongest Demon Lord.
After all, he nearly brought loss to the Demon KingAbellion himself.

Since that was the case, the seething King could focus all his attention on ensuring the humans completely got exterminated.

And with the current state of his army that wouldnt be a problem!

Five million Demon Beasts.
A hundred thousand Shadow Demons, Fifty Thousand Shapeshifters.
Fifty Thousand Blue Demons.
A hundred thousand Green Demons.
A Hundred Thousand Yellow Giant Demons.
And, their trump cards, a hundred thousand Crimson Demons.
That made a total of Five Hundred Thousand Demons from every Race.

Adding that to their several summons and the enslaved monsters in their control, they numbered roughly two million.

Abellion was proud to lead so many troops to decimate the filthy creatures he would soon encounter.

He never underestimated them, but Abellion also never considered them on the same level as the Demon Race.

For Kahn and Lydia, they must have swarmed both with extremely powerful individuals.

Perhaps it was due to the loss of his lover, or his wounded ego after losing to Legris, Abellion wasnt exactly in a stable state.

The only thing that put him at ease was the fact that on this very day the Humans would cease to exist.

Kyron and Serci, youll take the Right and Left Wings respectively.

Serci would lead the majority of the true Demons in their army, while Kahn commanded the Demon Beasts.

Lubick, youll take the rear and be in charge of backup and bombardments.

As a race specialized in Magic, he and his Blue Demons would support from behind.
Not only were they blessed with an abundance of Miasma and the skill to use it, but their Magic Research and Technology were also groundbreaking.

There was no better place to place them.

As for you, Zenkiel, you will lead the army as my right-hand man.
Everyones actions must coordinate well with Zenkiels orders.
I will leave that to you.

Abellion wasnt interested in giving orders mid-battle, and he knew why.

He had to focus on finding the one who killed his sweetheart, and also raze everything in his path to the ground.

That was all!

Damien Lawcroft has reported that the human armies have indeed gathered in the Elf Kingdom.
Everyone is preparing for our assault there.

The Demon King couldnt help himself.
A smile crept upon his face once he heard that lovely news.

Then, theres nothing stopping us, is there? Lets move out.


The ground rumbled, quaking as the Demon Army approached.

Everything around withered as the joint Miasma of the Demons was enough to corrupt everything around them.

The clouds darkened, and everywhere rang of despondency and misery.

Dark pulses permeated the vicinity, yet the massive armada did not cease in their movement.

They did not falter in the slightest.

As Abellion pressed on, with Zenkiel by his side, he noticed the massive reinforced wall that stood before him.

This was the Northern Fort, made to ensure nothing got past its watch.

Since every soldier was conscripted to fight the Demons in the Elf Kingdom, there wasnt anyone present to man the defenses.

How foolish Zenkiel whispered to himself.

They either had too much faith in that exceptional human, or overestimated the capabilities of their defensive measures.

Sure, it was an impressive wall.

Zenkiel glanced at his Master, who was already preparing a Spell.

Out of the way.

Appearing from a purplish portal was a massive swordblack and twisted.

The distortion in space spat out the blade, instantly cutting through the air and targeted at the wall.


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