As I suspected

Jared, let me introduce you to my daughter, Kana! She has such talent, and look at her.
Isnt she a beauty?

This Beast King called Gerard

Ah, what of her? Shes pretty lovely, isnt she? Look at all my children.
Theyre amazing, arent they?

Was totally shameless!

Before I arrived, he had already gathered every member of his family, making sure to separate the boys and the girls.

Once I arrived, he instantly moved to my side and began making references to his children.
I understood that as a father, he would want his daughters to find a strong Mate, but wasnt this overboard?

Still, I had to admit that his daughters were all beautiful in their own rights, some having traits of Merfolk, or Cats, or Birds, or Rabbits.

Their figures were perfectly in sync, and he was blessed to have such lovely children.

Still, that wasnt enough to bend my willespecially because I wasnt attending the dinner alone.

Behind me was the troublesome Elf Princess, and then there was Maria as well.
Serah, Damien, and Fabien were also present.

The two girls who already had feelings for me wouldnt take it too well if I spent the evening ogling the daughters of my vassal, would they?

Such a waste, though

Unlike humans and Elves, Beastfolk could have multiple women as wives.
Depending on power, the strong could obtain whatever he desired.

If that was the case, it wouldnt be strange to have all of his daughters if I wanted.
Not only would they not mind at all, but they would also even be happy about my choice.

That was the kind of society I was in.

Im currently not interested in getting involved in the concept of love, but having pretty women like these to keep me company isnt bad I was an adult in a minors body, after all.

It had been a while since

Alright, Jared.
Lets not dwell on that.

I composed myself and decided to enjoy a calm dinner with Gerards family.

The food was delicious, as expected of a place well acquainted with natures wonders.
Their meat was fresh, and their vegetables were juicy.

I enjoyed the care and attention to detail placed in the preparation of the meal.
While I wasnt so particular about food, Beastfolk society made me view it as more than just a necessity for sustenance.

Their foods were the epitome of perfection.
And so, I appreciated the meals by devouring them nicely.

Even though the girls were all looking at me, causing my body to shiver in suppressed excitement, I maintained my cool.

Focus on the meat Meat.

I was currently fifteen years old.
It was a dangerous age to be inwith all the hormones running amok in my body.

However, by utilizing the art of self-control which I cultivated for an immensely long period, I was able to remain myself.

Until it showed up.

CHEERS TO OUR VISITORS FROM THE EASTERN EMPIRE! Gerard gave a thunderous roar, bringing put a barrel from the corner.

I could hear the sloshing sounds of liquid within the massive container, and as Gerard opened the lid, a tingling aroma entered my nostrils.


The rabid sensations I was trying to suppress began to manifest, but in the form of another desire.

Let us drink to our Alliance! The Beast King cheered.

Cups filled to the brim with the bright red liquid of the Beastfolk were set before each of us.

Eyeing mine with keen interest, I took in the fragrance again, reminiscing of the first time I had a whiffthen, a taste.

Dom, you madman! You got me addicted to this My thought trailed.

I was treading a steep slope currently, and any sudden mistakes would lead to an irreversible error.

Still, the red liquid called out to me.

Nirvana Wine I murmured, ignoring the surprised expressions of the Beastfolk.

They were taken aback by my knowledge of this drink from the gods, but their expressions did not concern me.

Gulping, my throat suddenly became parched, and I needed to soothe the itchy feeling it gave off.

While many reasons told me not to attempt it, I was too overcome with the allure of having a taste.

Ive been working so hard.
I deserve this right? Just this once

It was bullshit, but I raised the cup and downed the content with such precision and thirst.

Haaa!!! This is iiiitttttt!!! My voice climaxed as I raised my cup for yet another drink.

Hohoho! You know your stuff! Gerard grinned broadly at me, refilling my cup.

Of course! I gulped down the second round, feeling heat spread through my body and a sensation that could not be described using words.

Another! I yelled, ignoring the surprised expressions of the delegates who came with me.

Hoh? You can hold your liquor quite well, cant you?

Dont underestimate me! I burst out with a wide grin.

To be frank, I was already a little drunk.

But, not to the point of no return.

If it comes to it, I can just use Magic right?

The night was still young, and we were at the peak of our youth.

Enjoyment was a necessity in a life full of distress such were my drunk thoughts as I passed away the night.


Is that really Jared? Maria mumbled to herself as she observed the blonde who was laughing and drinking like an idiot.

It was a funny sight, especially because she had never seen him in such a state before.

His cheeks were flushed pink, and he was in such enthusiasm that it was hard to believe that it was the same Jared Leonard.

Maria would have giggled and enjoyed the atmosphere even more if not for one major problem.

Let me pour your drink for you.

Youre so cute.

Youre touching me so much.

You can keep going.

Youre so adorable.

Several of the Beastfolk females had already surrounded Jared and were getting too close for comfort.

Granted, he was drunk, but still

Maria could not tolerate watching something like that unfold before her.

Theyre taking advantage of him.
Because hes drunk theyre trying to rope him in!

While she was angry at them for what they were doing to Jared in his vulnerable state, Maria also envied the Therianthropes.

Unlike them, she did not have the courage to try anything so forward.

Merely showing how she felt concerning the matter was a task.

Hey! Stop that! Get away from him! Unlike her, the Elf Princess constantly chastised the Beastfolk females for going too far.

Of course, the complaints fell on deaf ears.

Jared I want to help you, but Maria glared at the predators around the disillusioned boy.

If only she had more courage, then perhaps

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