A few hours earlier, Rheas had been quite confident.

Her slithery green body and snake-like body from her waist downward made it clear she was a Lamia.

She had flowing black hair, and on her hand was a staff that had a crystal at the very top.
The black stone glowed malevolently as she slithered with her army in tow.

As one of the strongest members of the Nine Starsofficially ranked third in powermost Demon Generals wouldnt even stand a chance against her.

It was for this single reason that she was sent to the Northern Border of the Eastern Kingdom.

It was their greatest stronghold, and so she was meant to test their security.

If things got too dangerous, all she had to do was retreat.
That was what her masterLord Zenkieltold her.

However, Rheas knew that wouldnt be necessary.

At the very least, she would decimate the area with Peak-Level Magic Spells until she was satisfied.

The only reason she would ever retreat would be a result of running low on Miasma.
If that happened, she would simply utilize the corrupted Souls of those she killed as nourishment.

Zenkiel usually told his underlings never to underestimate or overestimate their foes, so Rheas wasnt acting as a result of overconfidence.

She simply didnt believe humans were worth much.

Her colleagues in the White Tribe told her several times how weak the humans were.
Sure it was only restricted to the areas she investigated, but it had to be the same in other places.

Rather than Humans, their focus should have been the Elves and Fairiesthen the big guns called the Beastfolk could come later.

But, she couldnt refuse her superiors orders.
That was why she was leading an army of a thousand Demon Beast to wreak havoc on the Northern Border.

Make this interesting for me.
She gave a toothy grin, revealing the fangs she had.

Maybe Ill treat myself to a few male humans I wonder how theyll taste like inside me? Her snake-like tongue licked her curled-up lips.

Her disgusting habit of taking in her prey while they were still alivepreferably malesand digesting them with her fluids, was clearly showing in the way she was eyeing the people atop the garrisons that she approached.

Before Rheas was a very tall and sturdy fence.

It blocked any possible routes past the vast seas that connected the Demon Realm to the Eastern Kingdom.

Not only were the walls enchanted with Magic, but they were made with only the best materials.

Hmm its going to take some time to break through

Rather than simply wasting her time breaking the wallwhich could have some Magical Repair functionwouldnt it be better to simply fly over it?

Yes, Ill do just that.
Rheas grinned, looking at the obedient Demon Beasts behind her.

Usually, it would be difficult for anyone to cast Magic on people this many, but Rheas was a Demon General, after all.

Casting the [Flight] Spell on all the thousand numbered Demon Beasts wouldnt be too difficult.

Once they passed the barrier of the walls, then they would begin their slaughter.

Ill first begin with the men at the garrisons, then proceed to annihilate every military personnel in sight.

Her goal was to completely devastate the Northern Border.

Then, once Im done, Im sure Lord Zenkiel will praise me himself.
Hahaha, I cant wai

Before she could conclude her statement, Rheas noticed some movement among the humans who defended the top of the walls.

Whats going on there?

As she was trying to observe the situation, a girl jumped out of the tall fence and descended with great speed.

Just before she reached the ground beneath the monolith, lightweight Magic allowed her to land safely.

What the? Rheas struggled to make sense of the situation.

What was a single human doing here? The other soldiers atop the fence didnt even try to stop her.

The looks on their faces displayed that they were scaredworried evenbut none of the soldiers tried to prevent the girl from meeting her doom.

Humans do you not care about what happens to that child?

Wait for meeeee!!! Yet another voice surged from above, and another person rushed to meet the girl.

This time, it was a boy.

He appeared no older than the girlthese two were most likely young adults.

Rheas couldnt understand humansand she didnt bother learning their language.
Still, she heard the rushed conversation between the two.

What are you doing Jerry? Get back up!

Youre not leaving me behind this time! I can defend myselfand the base too!

Oh? You think you can keep up?

W-well, Ill do my best.
I refuse to give up.
Ill catch up to you soon.

Really, now? Looks like youve gotten cocky these past few months.
Just because you got your name embedded in Ainzlarks records, uh?

S-shut up!

Look at you, already talking back to me.
Well, Ill just have to show you the difference between us.

It was as though Rheas and her army were invisible as the two young people chattered away.

Thats enough.
Theres a limit to my patience when it comes to impudence.
The Magic User Demon General growled, slithering forward.

Her army followed behind her.

As a result of their sudden movements, the two humans finally looked in the direction of Rheas and the Demon Beasts behind her.

Lets do this, Ciara! The boy grinned, readying himself for action.

Please, youre not in my league.
Just try not to die.

I wont! You be careful too.

Y-you Hmph! I dont need your worry.
I can handle them myself.

Very well, then.
Here I go!

The boy and girl released their Mana, causing Rheas to be surprised by the intensity.

Still, she didnt falter.

There was a limit to the amount of Mana that a human could summon.
All she had to do was cut them down before they tried anything funny.

Preparing her staff, the Demon General readied an Advanced Spellready to execute it.


Mage Mode.

Elemental Chamber.


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