As I floated above the devastated Elf City, I noticed everyone keeping their distance and watching my lone figure.

Their eyes contained several emotions, but the constant one was curiosity.

Well, then, shall we begin? I smiled, taking a deep breath.

I could feel everything around mearound the citythanks to Spellcraft.

The immense Mana of the land resonated with me, and I took in the sensation until it became one with my senses.

It was now time to proceed.

Original Magic

A blinding gold light formed around me and surged at an overwhelming rate.

Swirling all over my body was a calcified amount of Mana that condensed more and more.

The golden Mana gathered in a single location, forming something in front of me.

A Book!

The golden book looked like a Grimoire, having intricate designs embedded all over it, and its pages were unlimited.

The cover was golden, and it was constantly shrouded with an immense amount of Mana.
The power it emitted was already in the realm of transcendence.

This book was none other than my Original Magic.

[Great Sages Memoir].

The moment it appeared, the surrounding Mana connected to the bookall linked to it.

Spellcraft could be easily used to achieve any goal at this point.

In simpler words, I was one with everything around me, and everything was one with me.

But, that wasnt the essence of my Original Magic.

Shall we begin?

The golden book flipped its pages until it arrived at a particular page.

Symbols and circuits were displayed there, all glowing golden as a result of the books activation.


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