An awkward silence hung in the air.

Apparently, there was a misunderstanding between the Half-Elf and the Queenthe human was simply caught in the middle of it.

Lemi and Aurora stared at each other, both having contrasting views on the current situation.

Isnt he supposed to be my Specimen?

The face of the Queen instantly went pale, and for a second, she glanced in the direction of the human boy.

A-ah, I thought you could use a friend that was

That wasnt the deal.
I want a specimen, an experimental subject.
Thats why hes here, right? You! Lemi shifted her gaze to the already shocked human.

His expression had transformed from joy to something a bit more horrified.

Youre mine now, okay? You will do as I say, as a loyal pet.
Finally, after so long, I finally have onea human pet

Thats right, contrary to her innocent and charming demeanor, this Half-Elf had a dark side.

Her sadistic tendencies had been honed and left unbridled ever since she was younger.

Thanks to Lemis mother, as well as everyone around, spoiling the heck out of her, the Half-Elf truly developed something known as a superiority complex.

All her requests were answered without question.
She could obtain whatever she desired.

Unfortunately, there was one single exception.

Human I finally have a human!

Sure, Lemi felt a connection to the Human Race.
That was probably why she wanted one so badly.

But, it wasnt to keep as a friend.

If something was rare and difficult to get, wasnt it common sense that she would make it into a loyal pet that would stay by her side forever?

That was the mentality of the Half-Elf.

And now that she was able to obtain a fairly young human, after so many years of wanting, Lemon felt a strong sense of fulfillment and joy.

I think Ill name him Charlie.
Her delusions manifested some more.

A look of disbelief spread on the human boys face.
He had been looking at her with quite an unsavory expression for some time now.

That wasnt the appropriate expression a Pet was supposed to make before his master.

Ill have to correct that!

Ignoring her Aunt, Lemi dashed in the direction of the human and brought her face close to his with as much ferocity as she could.

Her eyes were burning with uncontrollable desire, but the defiant attitude of the boy before Lemi made her uneasy.

As a result, the Half-Elf uttered the perfect word to correct that behavior.


For a moment, there was absolute decorum.

The commanding voice of the Half-Elf was enough to drive the mood into a heavy atmosphere.

Tension pervaded everywhere.

Lemi had read several books on raising pets, and even one in particular about how humans controlled theirs.

Surely, he would understand if she used the method.
That was the rationale behind her one-worded command.

Unfortunately, the human didnt understand it.
Was he perhaps deaf? No, it didnt appear so.

Then, maybe he needs to hear another command? This is quite the disobedient one!

Even though her Aunt was saying some words in complaint and reproof, Lemi closed her ears to avoid listening.

She always had her way, and this time was no different.

I said you should

Before she could complete her words, something hard came crashing upon her head.


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