Lemi gave a huff as she neared the completion of her work.

It was an Automaton unlike any other she had ever created.

It looked strangely humanoidother than its metallic complexion and robotic lookit was more akin to the Race she had always been curious of.

Ill call it Charlie, maybe? She murmured, looking at its exposed chest.

Embedded at its centerand connected with tons of wireswas the gem she had temporarily misplaced.

It served as the Automatons power source and would energize the circuits so it could function properly.

Hmm, just a bit more in the design department and Ill add some more functions as well

Her goal was to make the perfect Human Automaton.
That meant she had to ensure every single function, expression, reaction, and action of the Automaton was well synced.

If it couldnt pass for a regular person, then there was no point in it.

Artificial intelligence is quite a chore The Half-Elf sighed to herself, her black and white hair swaying as she drooped her head.

The hair had a straight line that separated both monochromes, and it looked quite strange how distinct they were.

The same applied to the violet and blue eyes she had on the left and right side of her face respectively.

Mom says I take after dad with the air and eyes, but

It wasnt like there was a picture of him she could use as a reference.

Haaa this sucks.
She looked at the unfinished Automaton.

In her 400 Years of life, Lemi had created many things, but most of them couldnt be perfected

It wasnt because she wasnt brilliant, or because she got lazy mid-way, but the simple fact was that she was all alone.

There was a limit to what a single person could accomplish.

Besides, materials concerning theories and mechanics were very limited in the Elf Kingdom, so she couldnt exactly prove her theories beyond what she already knew.

It was frustrating, but Lemi had reached a deadlock in many things.

It wouldnt be long until the same happened to the current project in front of her.

Damn if only there was a human specimen I could observeor someone who could serve as my assistant

Unfortunately, none of the Elves were interested in that sort of thingnot even her cousins.

They did their best to help, but it was mostly out of fun and not commitment.

Lemi couldnt blame them, though.

Just as they werent into her stuff, she too wasnt interested in a majority of the Elven culture.

That was probably why she was still unmarried despite being over 400 years old.

Isnt there someone? Anyone? The Half-Elf was desperate now.

Still, she knew her wishes were made in futility.

How many times had she gone down this trail of thought? Lemi lost count.

She learned the hard way that such thoughts were useless.
After all

Someone like that wont simply appear out of nowhere.


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