SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 39: [Bonus chapter]Darkness

She smiled lovingly at me, waving me goodbye. I was too stunned to reciprocate her energy, waving only in a stunned state.

While her answer explained a lot of things, it caused even more questions. To think my own grandfather had been my tutor for so long, and I was left unaware.

”Mum calls him Alphonse… I called him that too. Other than the slight display of affection they displayed once in a while, I couldn ’t sense any kind of family bond… ”

Still mumbling to myself, I looked at the book she had given me before I entered the carriage. Rubbing it slightly with my hand, I calmed myself. There had to be a reason for me not knowing of it.

After I calmed down a little, I looked out the window and caught one final glimpse of Anabelle, as well as the few members of our household that saw me off.

The rest of them were busy taking care of the mess that Liliana ’s death caused as well as investigation if similar incidents had occured in other areas.

My farewell was not as exciting or emotional as expected, however… this much was enough.

Soon, the manor began shrinking in size as I drifted further from it. Perspective made everything appear very little, and my mother vanished from sight. Smiling at myself, I retracted my head from the opening of the carriage window and gave sigh.

”Huu… I ’ve become quite emotional, uh? ”

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Shrugging off the sentiments welling up within me, I refrained from taking unnecessary thoughts.

”The book… let ’s see what Alphonse ’s gift was… or should I call him Grandfather now? ” I whispered.

No, that would just feel too weird.

Opening the brown leather book, I saw a letter on the first page. The envelope had a red seal affixed on it, making me slightly curious. Only nobles and distinguished families used such seals.

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