”It ’s finally time. Jared, you… I ’ll miss you. ”

As Anabelle ’s sweet sobs rang in my ears, I stared lovingly at my mother. Somehow, why did it feel as though I was the father and she was the daughter who didn ’t want me to leave or something?

I gave her my usual charming smile, the best a 12-year-old could come up with, and reassured my mother.

”I ’ll be fine, mom. I promise. Besides, this is for the best… ” My voice trailed.

As soon as I said this, my expression stiffened a little. She had to admit this was the best alternative, not just for my growth as a Magic-User, but for my safety. To know the reason for that, one would have to backtrack to the discovery the servants made early this morning.

After the party ended late in the night, and our guests left, I was escorted to my room in order to get enough rest for my journey the next day.

My mother also went to her room to relax, since she had exerted herself a great deal to accommodate guests. The servants took care of everything, making sure the cleaning and disposal of wastes were expertly taken care of.

Since I was still mulling over the incidents of what happened during the party, I couldn ’t sleep.

My mind was working, and I was studying various ways to alter the original poison I concocted to create a more potent dosage and reduce its circulation time.

I could hear slight whispers across the hallway, excited sounds of servants concerning the party we just had, as well as the luxurious foods they got to enjoy as a result of the party.

Out of all the things I overheard while in my study, something stood out.

”Who knows where Liliana is? I haven ’t seen her all evening! ”

I have a brief sigh and continued studying, realizing that the truth was bound to be revealed sooner or later.

And as I rightly guessed, it didn ’t really take very long before the servants found Liliana ’s corpse where she died.

It happened early in the morning while they patrolled the area to ensure no single spot was overlooked.

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