Death wasnt exactly feared by Elves.

In fact, when their time came, they embraced it.

Since there was no form of danger in their lands, and they lived longfulfillinglives, they accepted it when their time was over.

After death, they would become one with the Sacred Tree and become Spirits.

Their souls would be transported to a realm called Heavena paradise more prosperous than the current Elf Kingdom.

Everyone looked forward to their deaths after spending their lives to the fullesthaving no regrets

However, this only applied to death by old age.

If an Elfs life was cut short, they would obviously have tons of regrets.

Elves who had barely lived beyond a hundred years, or whose time hadnt fully ripened, were clearly not going to be ready to accept death.

Legend had it that such people would never be accepted into Heaven since they werent at rest.

And so, every Elf made it their duty to live a full life while they were still alive.
They made sure they had no regrets.

Not only for the presentbut also in consideration of the afterlife.

This legendthough inherently falsemade sure that everyone was productive in the Elf Society.

That gave meaning to their extremely long lives.
And so, with each member living a life of responsibility, the Elf Kingdom prospered greatly.


Elves have perfect bodies, so they dont fall sick or die prematurely.
Everyone lives their life to the fullest.
Thats why this is such a great tragedy for them

Thousands lost their lives in the Demon Beast attack.

Not only would they never find restaccording to the legendstheir hopes and dreams were done for.

At least, that would have been the case.
However I had an alternative.

That is my offer, Queen Aurora Vindiel.
Now, I ask you do you accept?

I played my trump card upfront, igniting the hope in Auroras heart.

From her expression, after my words hit, it was already certain that she would accept my offer.

It was only a matter of time.


Original Magic, uh? You mean at such an age, you have already delved into that realm? And your individual art is enough to restore everyone? The Queen asked, still having a bit of doubt in her voice

It was to be expected.

Humans were short-lived, and we didnt have as much affinity for Mana as the Elves.

Her way of thinking was accurate, but I had spent over a hundred years training and doing stuff.
If I didnt have any Original Magic at this point, then it would be pretty disturbing.

Please, have faith in me.
I have no merit in lying to you.

The Royals behind her began to look at each other with conflicted expressions as well.

The decision ultimately lay with the Queen.
Everyone else was simply there as a show of strength.
If Aurora made the choice, then it would be so.

May I have some time to think about it?

I knew she would say that.
However, there was also a limit to my understanding and patience.


My polite tone was hanging on a thread now, but sometimes this was also necessary for diplomacy.

Since the cards were all in my court, I only needed to apply pressure to make Aurora bend to my will.

As you already know, this isnt the time for indecisiveness.
We are in a hurry to decide on an Alliance so we can prepare appropriate measures.
I will ask that you make your decision here and now.

My gaze was serious, and it pierced through the defenses of the Queen in an instant.

Despite her high-and-mighty demeanor, she was still the Aurora I knew at her core.
She was prone to make rash and quick decisions without hesitation.

As long as she knew this was the right thing to do, I was sure that the Elf would jump at it.

I will accept, but only on the condition that you fulfill your end of the bargain.

That is only natural, your Majesty.
I appreciate your consideration.
I smiled and bowed slightly.

It was about time to wrap up this long diplomatic effort.

I have the contract with me right here.
You may also choose to make another separate one for the Elves.
A parchment materialized on my palm.

Let us move to a more appropriate place for that.

And so, I was escorted to the Lounge.

Of course, permission was given to allow every other member of our team of delegates into the Lounge.

The members of Royalty stood behind the Queens sofa, and my team members stood behind mine.

A desk was between both partieswho would be recognized as equal from the moment we concluded the Alliance Contract.

It took a short while, but the Elves prepared their contract as well.

Judging from the Mana I was sensing from the document, it was a Magic Item.

It must have some effects in the scenario where we end up breaking the agreement set within it

I planned on thoroughly reading through the whole thing before signing it, though.

Even though I could feel two hostile gazes directed at me from my own group, it didnt stop me from taking all the necessary actions.

Fabian and Damien you people do not understand.

If they had been in my shoes, it would be doubtful if they could achieve the same results I did.

Even if an Alliance was made, it wouldnt have been finalized until the next Demon attack.

That would waste too much time.

I only have about 12 more days

In a short while, Zenkiel was going to launch his offensive.

Warding him off would be one of the aids we would render to our allies.

Ill also need their help in the matter with the Fairies I smiled.

Ultimately, this was going to be a grand alliance.

I, Aurora Vindiel, Queen of the Elf Kingdom, hereby declare this treaty between our two nations to be genuine and binding on both parties.

I, Jared Leonard Alphonse Sereth, representative of the Eastern Kingdom, attest to this declaration and uphold it.

Afterward, both of us jointly sealed our agreements.

May the spirits watch over this Alliance!

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