Afterward, we proceeded with the discussion and talked about the proposed Alliance.

As expected, Freya was in no position to give a response, so she could only speak around the subject.

You will need to have an audience with my mother, Queen of the Elf Kingdom.
That means you will need to journey to the Elf Capital.

All of these were within expectation.

Usually, unwelcome guests would never be able to go beyond the Border City of the Elf Nation, but our positions were more favorable since they were in our debt.

While you have properly emphasized the urgency of the situation, and we also see the danger of the Demonsas you have also stated The Princess said, staring at me for a moment.

I smiled faintly.

It will take some time before you are granted an audience with the Queen.

This was also expected.

Ngh! Another stifled groan came from Fabian.

I could tell that he was nearing his limits.

For someone who was so used to having his way, he probably wasnt very adept at being considerate.

We saved them all, yet theyre still being this stuck-up and uncooperative?!

I was sure not only Fabian thought along those lines.

Personally, I also felt the Elves needed to be more open-minded, but their stance was respected.
We Humans also had bureaucracies involved in our cultural and political affairs.

Why did it have to be different with the Elves?

I remember how some Nobles also looked down on me and my idea when I was at the Royal Court.
This is basically the same thing playing out

The only difference was that, this time, the humans were on the losing endsomething Fabian couldnt handle.

I wasnt entirely unsympathetic, though.
I had also experienced my fair share of the Elves stubborn disposition toward humans.

Still, with enough smarts, and a well-established impression, it was possible to make them compromise.

But, that required patience.

A backup squad will be arriving here within a few days.
Once they arrive, and the entire matters pertaining to this incident have been settled, I will personally escort you to the Elf Capital myself.

That was a generous offer, to be honest.

It may have seemed like a common course, considering just how much we had done for them.
Still, things could have gotten more dragged out if an immature Elf was in charge of this discussion.

Shes one mature Elf.
How old is she? A hundred? Maybe older

I was initially a bit worried about the fact that a Royal Elf was the one in charge of the Eastern Border.

Who would have thought that it would play out even better than I thought?

I see.
Is there no way to quicken the process? We are indeed pressed for time, and the proper preparations for battle are also factors to consider.
Fabian spoke.

From his tone, he was trying to find a means to shorten the time given to us.
It wasnt a bad move.


Our lands have been devastated, and the surviving citizens need refuge, as well as a chance of hope.
Unless you have a better suggestion concerning raising the morale of the very Elves youre thing to recruit, I would advise that you accept our reasonable offer.

Technically speaking, we werent supposed to be having an audience with the Princess, and neither were strangers permitted to venture deeper into the Elf Kingdomto the Capital for that matter.

Freya was being very understanding of our situation, but she was already getting quite agitated with us.

Both sides werent wrong, but the cultural and oriental gulf between both races would inevitably lead to disagreement.

This was a Cultural Clash!

Pardon my interruption, but I have a suggestion, Princess.

This time, everyone looked in my direction.

Freyas annoyed expression melted upon staring at me.

Clearly, she thought I was more reasonable and easier to deal with than our dear Prince.
In fact, the reason for most of the Elf Princess consideration toward our group was most likely because of my strong impression on her.

Her tone was concise as she attempted to hide her satisfaction with me.

If she showed preference toward me, it could begin to send the wrong message to both sides.

What the Princess has said is right.
In consideration of the Elves, it would be best if we wait for the Backup

Elves had no Communication Magic Technology.
While they could use Telepathic Magic, an effective range was required for it to function.

Therefore, they indeed had no choice but to wait for their brethren to arrive.


What if we could shorten the waiting period?

Freya controlled herself, so no surprised expression was made.

What do you mean?

If you grant usno, just mepermission, their arrival would be much faster than you have estimated.

It sounded preposterous and downright suspicious, but I could tell that Freya was interested.


Using Magic, Princess.
As you are aware, we are able to utilize Teleportation Magic, and we have access to the technology that you do not.

Plus, they knew we were capable of defeating the Demon Beasts and purifying the city of Miasma.

Clearly, the Elves presentFreya especially were aware that our capabilities far exceeded their own.

Why should we trust your words?

Her next question did not come as a surprise to me.

Readily offering to basically fetch their backup was altruistic, but also incredibly suspicious.

What if we simply used the opportunity to intrude on their territory?


It would also be in both our best interests if they arrived on time.
The advantages of an Alliance with the Elves far outweigh any merit gained by forcefully gaining access to your territories.

Judging from her expression, she agreed with me.
Still, doubt lingered in her eyes.

I believe we have proved some measure of our goodwill to you by coming to your aid.
I ask that you put your trust in us once more.
Besides, if you are still not certain of our sincerity, then, by all means, confine all the other members of my group here and let only me handle the transportation.

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