Haaaaaa!!! Freya yelled as she descended from the tall cliff, plunging straight for the Demon Beasts beneath.

Thick clouds of purple smoke filled the area, and even someone as powerful as her would fall within five minutes.

Was this also her optimism, or?

Regardless, she refused to give in to the creeping fear that plagued her.

Being alive for over a hundred years was nothing especially spectacular to an Elf, but her life had been somewhat full, hadnt it?

If it was for the sake of her comrades, Freya knew she would gladly give her life in a heartbeat.

Still, was her sacrifice going to be in vain?

Five minutes.

That was all she could buy for everyone.

It sounded like a cruel joke, but that was the unfortunate reality she had been saddled with.

Your opponent is meeee!!! Her voice got the attention of the monsters who were already planning on leaving their barricaded prison.


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