A card was locked between my two fingers, and it shone with golden brilliance.

That is!!! Nerons calm outlook broke apart.

Thats right My grin grew wider.

It was a present that I was going to give this man something only he could utilize to its full potential.

An Arcana?!

Not just any Arcana.
It was one of the most difficult to use.
It was also most instrumental in my three years of training

The Hermit Arcana!


During my time at the base made by my friends and me in my past life, I was able to spend at least over a hundred years in training and research.

It felt like time was moving so slowly that the world was still.
I defied the laws of nature and exceeded my limits as a result of the extensive period I was granted.

But, that couldnt last forever.

All Arcanaswith certain exceptionswere not self-sufficient.
They required some sort of energy for them to activate.

Without energy, they were simply cards with vast potential and dormant Magic circuits.

The Tower Arcana in my possession required the simple charge of Mana, making it easy for me to use.

The Devil Arcana of the Demon Race simply multiplied the surrounding Miasma it fed on, creating a self-sufficient atmosphere full of negative energy.

Unfortunately, the Hermit Arcana consumed something that had a steep cost.

Mana Cores!

It consumed too many Mana Cores per use.

While its powers were well worth it, I couldnt sustain the use of the Arcana.
The hundred years I spent in the base was only possible due to the Arcanas passive ability to store Mana over the years.

Over five hundred years of storing Mana only lasted me three years of use, and everything ran dry.
I also had to support the effects of the Arcana with several artificial Mana Cores and Spellcraft.

If I hadnt, it may not have lasted a year.

Once I came to the realization of its greedy nature, the decision to give it away became much easier to make.

In my two lifetimes, there was only one person I knew who possessed enough fee to sustain the Hermit Arcana.

Neron Kaelid was his name.


Here! I said, throwing the card at the surprised man.

He caught it thanks to reflex, but Nerons eyes never left me.
However, after a few seconds of holding the Card, I could see his expression change.

This it resonates with my Original Magic.

Of course!

That was the second reason I wanted Neron to have this Arcana.

It utilizes Time Magic.

But, unlike Nerons Magic which was restricted in many ways, the Arcana interfered with the world itself.
In essence, if he could completely control it he could once again attain a higher realm.

Jared youre giving this to me? Why? Nerons body quivered as he spoke.

Because Im stuck.


I cant use that thing.
So, when you figure out the kinks and everything Ill ask you to teach me how you did it.

Even I had my limits.

I couldnt dedicate my entire time to learning something too complex.

Since Neron is more specialized in that field, itll be easier if he figures it out and tells me.

Once that happened, I could make The Hermits Magic my own.

Huhuhu Hehehehe Kekekeke

My lips parted as I watched Neron chuckle in excitement.

Well then, Jared, I accept this gift!

I nodded.

Thats one out of four

Only three Arcanas were left in my possession.

The Tower

The Sun

And The Hanged Man.

Well, the latter was currently at work, so

As for The Sun, I had plans for that.

Now, I wont be bored for some time to think youd have Arcanas.

At least he was aware of their existence.
As expected of someone as brilliant as Neron.

I found them by chance among other things.

Nerons face brightened up once I mentioned yet another interesting subject.
He probably wanted me to speak some more, but that was about everything I would be giving him at least alone.


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