Now is the most advantageous time to push for an Alliance!

First, silence pervaded the room.
Then, murmurs and dissatisfied grunts began swelling.

However, I wasnt done yet.

Of all the Five Major Races, Humans are considered the least in terms of special qualities and natural strength

The others had natural affinities for particular fields, even as kids.

For the Human Race, it was only due to our constant evolution and efforts toward growth that we had been able to stand on equal footing with the others.

Its only natural that they would be reluctant to team up with us.

The values and cultures of the other Races differed.
For humans, who neither shared those values nor had any dealings with them, it was only natural that their offer would be rejected.

That brings us back to the start.
As I said, an Alliance is not feasible.
The mighty and wise King said as he sighed.

A smile crept up my face.

I remember having this same conversation with that guy, back then

Why did Royalty have to be so stubborn?

No, your Majesty.
Its completely possible!

His eyes bulged at my defiant statement, and an uproar arose in the Royal Court.

Many branded me to be mannerless for challenging the words spoken by the King.
Some even went as far as pointing at me and openly displaying their dissatisfaction.

A mere child like me was granted an audience with the ruler of the Eastern Kingdom, yet I didnt know my place.

Upon hearing the barrage of taunts and baseless accusations, I kept my cool.

My parents looked at me with slight worryespecially my motherbut, a single look from me was enough to show them that I was fine.

The greater the controversy the better the rewards!

I caught Damien Lawcroftnow Head of the Lawcroft Household, and one of the 12 Council Membersglaring at me from where he stood.

Unlike the other aggravated nobles, he didnt say anything to damage my position.

In fact, the mans silence was all the more confusing.

How dare you address Royalty with such gall!?! The one who spoke the loudest was, of course, Royalty himself.

Fabian Lestrome I nearly rolled my eyes as I saw his agitated glare.

The idiot had been in a terrible mood ever since the meeting started, and I could sense his animosity toward me ever since I entered.

Hes not important, so I can overlook his words.

More importantly, I needed to solidify my points.

Jared Leonard, please enlighten this Court.
Why would your plan for an Alliance work?

With the Kings words ringing throughout the hall, everyone fell silent.

If they had dared speak on more word, it would be them that was defying his Majestys authority.

I was guessing none of them wanted to do that.

Yes, your Majesty.
Allow me to explain.


Of all the four other Races, the first target had to be the Elves.

For one, their territory was most likely being attacked at the moment.

Unlike us, they were at a greater disadvantage since Miasma was poisonous to them.

Also, Elves had always been primitive when it came to Magic Technology and Advanced Magical Arts.

They stuck very close to natural Magic, and so, even their transfer of information was extremely limited.

Considering the time, the Demons would have been attacking them for two days now, but chances of reinforcement arriving then were extremely low.

For one, they had no Magic Communication Tool or Teleportation Magic at their disposal.
Since that was the case, the emergency reports had to be handled through personal delivery.

Considering how large their territory wasand how they were most likely concentrating a bulk of their forces at their Northern Borderit would take the Elves at least five days to completely eradicate the threat of the Demon Beasts.

Two days had already elapsed, so we had three more days to respond to their state of emergency.

I would have liked to wait until they were more desperate, but to prevent more casualties and loss of properties, it was best to respond as soon as possible.

By rescuing the Elveswho had a strict custom of repaying good deedswe would gain their favor and have a higher ground for negotiation.

Besides, upon realizing just how big a threat the Demons were, and how powerful we humans would be as their allies, they would readily agree to an Alliance.

It was as simple as that!


Upon hearing my words, the Royal Court fell into a deep silence.

Many stared at me with surprise, shaken by my odd sense of rationality and intellect.

Not only had I proffered a solution to a long-standing problem, but I was also completely objective about everything.

Sentiment and emotions would cause anyone to lose their composure and advocate for a rushed rescue of the Elves, but I was different.

If it would increase our chances better, I was up for saving the Elves.
However, to have a better advantage against our potential allies, it was best to let them experience despair for a bit.

And then, we would swoop in at the last minute to reap the rewards.

I could have just rescued them on my own, but

Considering my plans for the future, it was better to have an Alliance between all the races as soon as possible.

II see King Albion Lestrome Indiavel murmured, stroking his beard.

Even the loud nobles from earlier had no choice but to be silent.

What of the other Races? Would an Alliance with the Elves be enough in our battle with the Demons? His Majesty asked me with narrowed eyes.

What a foolish question.
I smiled to myself.

Shaking my head slightly, I looked at the King who sat on his throne and parted my lips to speak.

Now that Ive gotten their attention with this the one holding the advantage is me!

The Demons are far more fearsome than you think.
To ensure a complete victory, its better to form an Alliance with every single Race!

Just as it was done in the past!

Gasps escaped the mouths of everyonewell, almost everyonein the room.

How do you propose we go about that? The King asked.

At this point, there was no arrogance or condescending presumption in his voice.

He completely understood where he stood, and that the one who held all the answers at this point was none other than me!

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