This is your queue.
My father whispered to me.

After the King had done away with useless salutations, it was finally time to get straight to the point.

My father gave a bit of introduction, for the sake of newcomers, but the members of the Royal Court already knew of my identity.

After all, theyve already received my letter and gifts

As my father has rightly introduced me, my name is Jared Leonard Alphonse Sereth.
I come bearing grave news concerning the Demons, as well as a viable solution concerning our current predicament.

As expected, hushed murmurs escaped the lips of many.
However, their talks didnt last very long.

Jared, you say.
If I am not mistaken, you are the same one who resolved the Demonic Disturbance three years ago.
The King rightly interfered.

I smiled and nodded, happy with his thoughtfulness.

Once he mentioned the Disturbance, no one spoke a word.

Seeing the satisfied grin of a few people on my sidemy parents, Alphonses faction, even MariaI gained even more confidence.

Yes, your Majesty.
After resolving the incident with the Shadow Demons, I tracked down the mastermind of the incident and also defeated him.
This was well witnessed by Neron Kaelida trustworthy teacher and Ally.

In order to have an edge in this conversation, I needed to raise my pedigree and also leverage the connections I had formed.

Nothing was more important than that in the noble society.
At least, that was what I had learned from the brief interaction with my father.

After defeating him, I decided to leave Ainzlark Academy to search for more clues on my own, as well as to become stronger.
The abrupt end of my education, as well as the declaration of my journey, were properly documented before my departure.

Adding that would be enough to shut the mouths of those who wanted to raise a nonexistent issue from my leave.

Please get to the point, Jared Leonard.
The King said.

His tone didnt indicate impatience, so I didnt think he was dissatisfied with me in any way.
On the contrary, he was most likely guiding my speech to be more favorable in the long run.

Since Im not very good at this, its nice to have all the help I can get.

The Demons have begun their invasion.
As I briefed you in my letter, they have most likely launched a simultaneous assault on both Western and Eastern Continents.

The Human settlements and Elven nation were the first on the target list.

After defeating the hundreds of Demon Beasts that would have decimated the Western Borders, I stopped by a few other places before arriving herefor due reasons.
I certainly hope my lateness is not considered rude.

The King shook his head in satisfaction.
I took this as my queue to continue.

I will now be brief with my assessment and suggestion

I could sense the tension in the air.
Many Nobles were dissatisfied with my sudden appearance, but they couldnt deny the merit of my existence.

My achievementsboth three years ago, and nowwarranted their attention and respect.

If I was a commoner, perhaps I would have a much more difficult time.
However, I was a Noble too.

While that didnt count for much back at Ainzlark Academy, I was granted a great amount of weight among those of like standing.

Even Damien Lawcroftwho was among the members of the Royal Council, had no choice but to keep quiet and watch.

The Eastern Kingdom is in dire need of an alliance!

Based on what I had seen so far, our Kingdoms military capabilities were not up to par.
While the Eastern Kingdom had a few exceptional individuals, such as Neron, Serah, and others, the Demon Race were equallyif not more equipped.

In terms of quantity, they had the upper hand.

Besides, if one out the Demon Lords, and their Arcana into account, it was certain that we were on the losing end.

Plus, Legris Damiens organization was also coming into play.
I didnt want to take any chances, so it was best to employ all the help we could get.

An alliance, you say? You indeed mentioned that you have a plan in your letter, but if its something as obvious as an Alliance, then

From the Kings tone, I could tell he was somewhat disappointed.

He probably expected a more grandiose strategy to come from my lips.
After all, an alliance must have been one of the earliest ideas they considered when preparing for the looming crisis.

There had to have been a reason why they didnt eventually go on with such a strategy.


You must be referring to the lack of cooperation between the members of the other Races, correct?

My terribly confident tone, and semi-formal speech caused a great deal of uproar among the members of the Court.

However, I was done restricting myself by adhering too strictly to formalities.

Since the King seemed like a sensible man, I expected him to also understand the cause behind my words rather than how they were uttered.

Indeed, young one.
As you are well aware, there are four other races who could be potential allies.
The Elves, The Fairies, The Dwarves, and the Theiranthropes.
However, none of them have responded properly to our envoys.

It must have taken a great deal of resources and planning, for the Eastern Kingdom to try reaching out to the other nations.

For their efforts to have ended in futility it was quite a shame.


Your Majesty, a proposed Alliance with the members of the other races will only be possible if certain measures are taken, and a couple of conditions are fulfilled.

Their approach was simply wrong.

No one knows the members of the other Races more than I do!

After all, I had comrades belonging to them in my past life.

Other than Gawain, the Sword King, every other close ally of mine was of separate races.

Even the woman I loved

What conditions are you referring to? King Albion asked with a curious glint in his eyes.

I could feel curious gazes fall upon me as well.
However, at this point, I was behind the point of self-consciousness.

It was now or never.

Ive already come this far.
Time to push for my plan!

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