What would happen when two contrasting elements collide?

Usually, they would simply conflict, and it would cause an imbalancefriction between the opposing parties.

However what if one managed to find the perfect way to merge the two? If that was possible, then the product of such would be something completely different from the two initial sources.

Anti-Magic a concept that stemmed from the equal merge between Mana and Miasma.

Joining equal propertiesquality and quantityof the two elements into one, would create a null effect.
In essence, both would cancel each other out.

By utilizing this properly, infusing it with my Spellcraft ability, I could spread the null effect through a wide distance, completely eradicating the use of Magic within my vicinity.

That was the new source of power I had developed from the union between Mana and Miasma a feat that had been deemed impossible by all.


Looks like I win, Neron.

My mentor gave a slight nod as we fell to the ground, having the effects of our Magic wear off.

I could control the area of influence of Anti-magic, but on a wide scale, it was simply easier for me to affect everything in my surroundingsme included.

It would seem so Neron gave a calm answer, touching the ground with his feet.

At least he wasnt a sore loser.

My, my, look at the devastation we caused

The barrier shielding the students had long perished, thanks to the corroding effect of my last move.
With the veil completely removed, the students expressions became clearer to me.

Ill handle this mess.
You should complete your address to them.
Neron smiled, activating his Original Magic on the spot.

His hair sparked white, and a surge of energy burst forth from within him.
The Mana he exuded enveloped the destroyed area, and suddenly, time began to reverseat least for what had been wrecked.

As expected I cant get used to it

The fact that he could do this much without the aid of an Arcana showed just how immensely powerful Neron was.
Would I be able to get to his level someday?

What a useless question I laughed at myself.

It wasnt even worth asking.

My eyes scoured the seated audience, lecturers and teachers alike, and I addressed them with great vigor.

Do you understand now?

There was a gap they had to fill.

I was certain that many of them felt awfully weak and lacking after watching the exchange between the both of us.
They felt so overwhelmed that it was easier to convince themselves that it was an impossible feat.

That they could not achieve it.


Magic is meant to evolve.
If you can not make it progress, then why do you study it? Whats the point of walking in the footsteps of others for the rest of your lives? Original Magic teaches every Mage one thing personal identity!

Their unease reduced.

You all have the potential to become good at something.
It may not be combat, but alchemy, or even engineering.
However the case may be, all of you have something you can excel in and push forward.

That was enough motivation for anyone.

So, why dont you get to it? I want to see the names of all those who are in that hall completely erased.

New names.
New people.
Fresh blood.

That was what the world needed.

Whether in the realm of Magic, Martial Arts, or Scholarship.
Eventually, we were all walking toward the same goal.

Become the best!

With that finally said, I teleported away from the stage, catching a glimpse of many studentssome weeping, and some steeling their faces in resolve.
I was certain that a lot of them would revert to their old state within a short while.

But, among the ones who witnessed the show, I was assured that a few would emerge and carry on the torch of excellence.

I look forward to that.


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