WHAAAAAATTT?! A deafening roar of dissatisfaction surged forth.

My poker face told the audience that I wasnt the least bit fazed by their noise.

You all wanted an exhibition, right? I just gave you one.
Isnt that enough?

They wanted to sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonders of Magic and whatnot, rather than actively learn.
That wasnt the path I would encourage.

B-but you didnt even explain anything!

How are we supposed to understand anything from that?

This isnt how its supposed to go!

Their voices climaxed, making me sigh in slight annoyance.

I told you already if you want answers come and get them!

I wasnt going to tell them something so easy.
If I did that, they wouldnt know its value.

Do you know the purpose of this Exhibition? Of Ainzlark Academy?

Suddenly, there was silence.

My sharp voice snapped at them all, causing the immature individuals who remained glued to their seats to grow docile.

You are meant to learn, yes.
However it doesnt stop there.

This was something fundamentalan element one could only learn on their own.
It was usually brought about by inspiration.
However, if that factor didnt work, there were two other critical elements that could do the same.

Failure and despair!

You are meant to desire change, progression, and ultimately, surpass what has been shown.
The purpose of showing you something isnt for admiration, but to spark a hunger in you.
However, I do not sense any of that among you people.

It was harsh and condescending; I knew

You are all weak.
Thats fine.
I was once like you, however

I didnt know anything about these students

I didnt remain weak.
It doesnt matter how small your talent is, or how minute your skill is

I simply refused to believe that certain humans were exempt from success.

The Hall Of Remembrance shows us the list of Ainzlarks Top Honored Graduates

Did these students even notice, or were they too caught up with useless rumors about me?

Of all the people who were written there, one is a person called Lewis Griffith.
I am certain you all know his story quite well.
He was inept, someone with no hope for the future!

Yet, such an individualwithout a precedentwas able to revolutionize Magic.
Yet these sheltered ones were complaining?

If that isnt enough for you all, then you should look at yet another name on the List! His name is Jerry Keller!

That boy was someone who worked tirelessly to achieve his objectives.

He was weaker than those whom he desired to stand with, but he desired progress.
He acted upon that desire, and he was able to stand among the immortalized ones within Ainzlark.

Rather than getting caught up with the Unofficial Ranker business, why dont you look up to someone like that as your role model? But you wont do that.
Do you know why?

The answer was simple.

You all love greatness but would do nothing to achieve it.
The allure of someone who was able to be overpowered at such a young age inspires you, and you remain stagnant in a delusion that perhaps only talent determines success.

Even if the Class System had been banished, it seemed like people didnt change so easily.

I was a Lower-Class Student.
I had a White Mana Core

I knew it was unfair to compare myself to these students, but

But I didnt stop thinking! I thought outside the box.
I didnt follow the path carved out by many.
You will never achieve distinction and progress by going mainstream! I simply chose to use all I had learned to become innovative.
and I still am!

Now, I was certain many would begin to resist my logic, however

Is it impossible, really?

Mass Teleportation.
World Expansion.
Reality Alteration.
Absolute Resurrection.
Anti Magic

These were all things deemed to be impossible, based on the current point of society.

This seems like common sense, but it seems no one ever thinks about it.
Nothing is impossible in this world.

The fact that it had been conceived in the mind meant that it had the possibility of coming to fruition.

Magic makes the impossible a reality.
Isnt that the whole point?

Something so simple had eluded so many.

However, I wasnt going to be biased.

For the Martial Artists and Scholars do not believe that Magic Users are superior to you in the slightest.

Those werent empty words.

Their eyes tell me they want proof.

Why dont I show you something interesting?

I could see their faces brimming with anticipation.

I will ask again does anyone want to volunteer?


Words have power, uh?

Children were blank canvases, so easy to dye in any color.

After my speech, over half of the students raised their hands.
Of course, the stage was enough to accommodate all of them, so I teleported all to my presence.

This time, Martial Artists wanted to take the lead.

Ill fight with Martial Arts this time.

Using my Spatial Magic, I brought out a sword from a storage space that existed in another dimension I created.

It was this very ability that allowed me to transport so many Demon Beasts after I killed them.
I also had several tools and treasures within.

There are limitations, but its quite useful.

I had to thank The Tower Arcana for this innovation.

Now, then With my blade still in its sheath, I stared at the determined students.



The results were the same.

Every single one of my attackers ended in crushing defeat all in a single strike.

Even as they shot Spells, or used various techniques of theirs, I cut through them all in a single slash and blew them all away.

It was an undisputed, one-sided victory.

Once I was done with them, I teleported all the students to their seats.


This was a tricky part.

The Path of Scholarship wasnt something that could be easily taught or tested.
So, to pass my message across

Did you know?

I resorted to one of the innovative theories I came up with.


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